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jrc1963 posted 12/18/2013 18:14 PM

I think I'm developing a head cold...


Vacation starts tomorrow... for two weeks.

Who wants to be sick on vacation.


lieshurt posted 12/19/2013 10:29 AM

I hope you feel better

nowiknow23 posted 12/19/2013 10:49 AM

When I feel a cold coming on, I keep drinking water until I sprout gills. Seems to lessen the impact somewhat.


itainteasy posted 12/19/2013 11:48 AM

I hear you. I think I have the plague...I'm hoping it clears up before Christmas. Ugh.

jrc1963 posted 12/19/2013 18:08 PM

I am drinking tons of water.

AgainandAgain posted 12/19/2013 18:16 PM

Two things that work like a charm and almost immediately for me are Oscillococcinum and Alka Seltzer. Alka Seltzer makes cold medicine now and that stuff is AWESOME. Works within an hour of taking them. They sell the day/pm stuff and it's great! You can find both at pharmacies or at Walmart.

Keep on drinking that water too! I hope you feel better!!

FaithFool posted 12/19/2013 22:54 PM

Oregano oil

Hot bath, hot whiskey with lemon and honey, cloves and fresh ginger. Followed by about nine hours of sleep.

Funny thing about the body, it knows when down time is coming so it can just let it all hang out.


jrc1963 posted 12/20/2013 14:41 PM

Stupid body... it should know I wanna have fun on my down time.

lynnm1947 posted 12/20/2013 14:52 PM

Load up on vitamin C, too.

purplejacket4 posted 12/20/2013 17:53 PM

I've been sick for two weeks. The doctor in the mirror is doing a shitty job. I think I'll fire her.

jrc1963 posted 12/20/2013 17:57 PM

@ Dr. PJ..

Sorry you're sick...

Right now I'm not so sick I can't do things... like be really stupid and wear high heels while stomping around a crowded mall.

ThoughtIKnewYa posted 12/20/2013 18:34 PM

Be careful! Everybody H works with has pneumonia. All because somebody was too important to miss work when he was sick. Now H is working sick (with the public, even!) because everyone else is out on Dr.'s Orders.

I'm a little ticked. You know, I'm a germ phobe.

jrc1963 posted 12/20/2013 18:53 PM

Fortunately we have good subs at our school and everyone calls out when they're sick.

Now if the parents would keep their sick children home, we'd be all set.

TIKY... I'm sorry your H is sick and has to work.

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