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Sometimes, there is truth in wine

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Skan posted 12/18/2013 23:44 PM

Yeah. Mostly, itís smart to Not Go There when youíre having a drink or two, but sometimes, there is truth in wine.

FWH came home tonight, feeling stressed and with daemons on his back. Woke up feeling displaced. Went to work, triggering, over former abusive work situations. Feeling headachy and stomach churning. Feeling for the first time, in a long, long time, like running away. Heading to the strip clubs. Wanting to just check out and be pandered to.

And came home to a home-cooked meal, good smells, a bottle of wine, and a smiling wife. I had a somewhat bad start to my day, but with a text from him and then enough time to get my work together, it turned into a good day. So I cooked dinner for him as a surprise, since he does most of the cooking.

So we finished prepping dinner, and he told me about his day. And I hugged him, and we shared our day. Had dinner on trays watching Jeopardy. Afterwards, he told me he wasnít feeling up to anything ambitious, and I suggested we both get our computers and just flake out. So, heís playing Civilization next to me and Iím here. Interesting way we have to ďflake outĒ on our computers, eh?

And during that, we start to talk. He is still somewhat agitated, thoughts chasing around his brain. And I look at him, and I see my dearly beloved husband in pain. Saying Thank-You for being with me. For marrying me. For sticking with me. In a spontaneous upwelling of love, I look him dead in the eyes and say, it was your post-DDay actions that made it possible for us to be here today. And tell him,

You took responsibility for your actions, even when you were almost leveled by your clinical depression.

You put my needs above your own, even when you were unable to articulate what you needed.

You never once, blamed me for your transgressions. Yes, we had our problems and we failed each other, but you never, once, pretended that your descent into porn, strippers, cam girls, etc., was ever anyone elseís fault but yours.

And that led into a conversation about my father not liking me or wanting to be around me. He shared about his dad being borderline alcoholic. We talk, and *listen* to each other. And then, jointly, decide that itís time for us to digest and draw apart. Next to each other, keeping company, but separately processing.

And he goes back to playing Civilization, and I am here, talking to y-all. All in all, an exceptional night.

blakesteele posted 12/19/2013 04:51 AM

(((skan and mr. skan)))

God is with you both. I am blessed by having read this post.

wonderful post....thank you.

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Blobette posted 12/19/2013 06:19 AM

Lovely. But I don't think it was in the vino where the veritas was - it was in the two of you.

authenticnow posted 12/19/2013 06:24 AM


And I agree with Blobette .

LA44 posted 12/19/2013 06:26 AM

Thanks Skan. Something I needed to read after what I consider a small set back in our lives I can't lose sight. You always came back w more of the good fight in you.

Thanks again for sharing

mchercheur posted 12/19/2013 10:31 AM

I am so happy for you (((Skan)))

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