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Xmas wish from exwso after 3 years...

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imaf posted 12/23/2013 12:58 PM

Just a Xmas wish from exWSO and would like to know how you are, 3 years after we split up! WTF?? I have since moved on and feel very good about my life. I love my life! But the wound will always be there I don't like him reopening it!

I left him and he ran back to OW, as far as I know they are still together. It is true that he has always tried to contact me, but I never answered. Though after a year and a half of no news from him, I thought he had got the message! Looks like I am not that lucky

I may be at fault, I have had contact with his family in 3 occasions since break up. Last time was this summer. But they were always nice to me and his dad and grandma are ill, so I just wanted to see how they were. They are always very pleased to hear from me. I would like to have more contact with them, but I have tried to keep it very occasional to not create confusion. I have no intention of interfering in exWSO and OW´s relationship, nor use ex-inlaws as a way back to exWSO.

I did think this could happen, but thought he had got the message after absolutely no answer nor contact from me. But doesn´t look that way

I just don't understand that after his cruel actions and words, he thinks I may want to keep in contact. And what the hell I thought I was a horrible individual and he was practically forced to have an affair, so why does he want to keep in contact with me??

I suppose this means I can no longer contact his family because he doesn't get the message.

headdesk posted 12/23/2013 13:11 PM

When you married him, they became your family too. You formed bonds. Just because he f'd up doesn't mean that he gets to take that from you if it is something you enjoy.

It does not mean he gets to contact you.

I'd do the good old NC letter, legally worded from a lawyer, if he keeps it up.


momentintime posted 12/23/2013 13:20 PM

It was an ego thing for him. He wishes you were still hung up on him and he made contact for him. Pay him no attention. Continue on your current path and leave his message in the rearview mirror.

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