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Can I share something(I found) hilarious?

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Calli0pe posted 12/23/2013 21:57 PM

Maybe I just have a sick sense of humor.
Today I went to my Dr for an STD test (super fun times!) and the Steve Harvey Show was on in the waiting room. It was a show about ladies with man problems. There are two sections to the waiting room & I went in the area where the TV was not, but there was no other sound so there's no escape, and I hear him leading the all-female audience in a call & response type vow.
I recorded it for posterity in the form of a text message to a friend.
"I vow" (
the ladies repeat)
"to keep my cookie in the jar for the next 90 days."
"During that time, my man needs to be committed"
"and not put his hand in anyone else's cookie jar."
(projectile puke)

I KNOW he's trying to help ppl & if you're someone who feel affirmation from a message like that, please understand that I'm only speaking for myself, but DAMNIT. His little shpeil just seemed so trivial and condescending that I just had to laugh. Life is just so fraking absurd sometimes.

phoenixrise posted 12/24/2013 03:18 AM

Lol you are like me...sometimes you have to laugh at it life has a sick sense of humor...laughter lets you cope...even though you find moments like that entertaining I know you must have been hurting deep down inside...the std testing moment is a major downer when I went my blood pressure was so high they said they were worried I was going to have an aneurysm...I thought that was entertaining. can be major triggers I avoided tv for 2 whole months it sucks! Its as if it knows your pain and throws salt on the wound...hang in there love! The 1sttime I watched tv after the affair I thought ok gonna watch ssomething happy and neutral so I watched the price is right...well guess what the Damon prize was? A trip to the same city my H had the A in...yeah! Screw you life!:)

Ostrich80 posted 12/24/2013 03:33 AM

Prob from his book, act like a lady, think like a man...I think is the title. Tells women how to land a husband. He's a funmy guy but a former cheater, soooo, not to interested in his l opinions on marriage. Once again, women need to resort to the steps to keep a man. Blehhh. I found it insulting to males as well.

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