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anybody know of tv shows or movies to watch?

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letitout posted 12/24/2013 17:23 PM

My H and I have been trying to watch tv/netficks after dinner and can't find anything to watch that is "trigger" free. Anybody have suggestions on tv series or movies that they like?

suckstobeme posted 12/24/2013 18:48 PM

Argo has no triggery topics in there and I believe it was just added to Netflix.

Netflix also has a lot of good documentaries and shows like the Shark Week series. Those obviously are trigger free and pretty interesting. There are lots of historical documentaries that are good too.

Clarrissa posted 12/24/2013 19:35 PM

If you're interested in supernatural type stuff there's a couple series on Netflix you may like. One is Supernatural. They have the first 7 or 8 seasons. Then there's Haven. They have the first 3 seasons. Both are good shows if you're into the "not quite ordinary" or "definitely weird" stuff.

jo2love posted 12/24/2013 19:36 PM

How about Sleepy Hollow, My Cat From Hell, Despicable Me 2.

NotDefeatedYet posted 12/24/2013 21:28 PM

The firefly series is on Netflix. I didn't think I would like that series, but it's one of my favorites now. Jericho is also there.

letitout posted 12/25/2013 12:48 PM

Thanks guys. Hope your having a wonderful holiday!

InnerLight posted 12/26/2013 16:20 PM

Double post

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InnerLight posted 12/26/2013 16:20 PM

There's an affair in jericho so it might be triggers tho it is great to watch otherwise.

The killing was awesomely done and acted but very dark.

Orange is the new black was very well done.

My neighbor is working through NCIS -10 seasons

The dog whisperer is a fun series.

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