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Cell Phones

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stungbytravel posted 12/24/2013 18:18 PM

So I am thinking of entering the going out, dating world but do not want to give out my real cell phone number. It's easily traceable back to me. Someone suggested getting a throw away phone but I already have to carry two phones, a third doesn't sound like fun.

Does anyone know if you can have two numbers to one phone? Or what other options are available

Amazonia posted 12/24/2013 19:39 PM

Maybe a google voice number that forwards to your cell?

stungbytravel posted 12/24/2013 21:01 PM

Thanks. I just set this up. It seems pretty neat. I am not sure this will go anywhere but I do like the anonymity of it. I like the idea in general if having a number to give out without worry that it is easily traceable back to me, I also like some of the features of blocking people

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