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User Topic: Phone calls suck.
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Default  Posted: 9:56 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

When I try to talk to my son10 on the phone he is always very uncomfortable. I know it's cause he feels disloyal to his dad. (We've chatted about it). I don't ever make a big deal about it to 10 because the poor little guy already feels so stuck in the middle as it is.

But why, then, can he chat for 15 minutes on the phone with the Doosh? Is it because I have never tried to make him feel guilty for wanting to talk to his dad? Because I've always encouraged him to call his dad every night?

There are some weekends (most, actually) that I don't talk to my son at all because I know he is going to act weird and uncomfortable.

Tonight I just wanted to say good night. It's Christmas Eve. The first time ever that I have not put out cookies for Santa and left reindeer treats with my son. :( I just wanted to talk to him and I got one word answers, blank pauses, and finally said, "can't talk huh?" To which he affirmed.

I typically leave the room when he calls his dad so he can talk openly without feeling torn.

If I hadn't reached indifference towards the Dooosh I'd really hate his broken ass right now.

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Default  Posted: 10:03 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I feel ya on this one. IrishLad is very unsure about if it is okay to talk about his Dad to me due to Dad's over the top anger if IrishLad brings me into a conversation. I have noticed that he is a little more comfortable because he knows that he can talk to me. I want him to have good times and memories with his dad. I just can't make them for him.

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Default  Posted: 10:03 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

That really sucks. What do you want to bet that the Dooosh was standing right there listening in? My kids are a little older, to I text them. They know I'm thinking of them, and they can reply whenever they have the privacy to do so. As your DS gets older, he'll really resent the Dooosh's restrictions.

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Default  Posted: 10:06 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

((((PR)))) I haven't reached indifference toward the Dooosh, so I'll hate his broken ass for you. Jackass.

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Default  Posted: 11:44 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I hate him too.

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Default  Posted: 11:49 PM, December 24th (Tuesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

Clearly he's inhibited because of his father. That's just so wrong. I'm sorry. You deserved to have a nice phone call with him on Christmas Eve.

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Default  Posted: 1:13 AM, December 25th (Wednesday), 2013View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

(((Christmas hugs)))

You are such a sweet mommy. I am sorry.

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