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Karma bus hits OW... yay!

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homewrecked2011 posted 12/25/2013 11:57 AM

Oh, what a nice Christmas present story I received today! The OW's transmission went out on her broom!!! YAY!!! This OW drives a really awesome SUV broom --payments are $900 a month. So, the kids told me on the way out the door to dads that the OW trans. went out and that it is a $4000. transmission. LMAO. They said Dad and OW will be driving to work together because they can't afford to fix it.

This is funny on many levels -- 1) She is cheating on my XWH, so this might slow her roll and 2) she was coming up to my work all the time pretending to shop while XWH was as work -- she works a later shift, so she had all morning to "shop and screw".

Anyway, I am elated!! I am normally a very nice, caring person who doesn't like to see bad happen to anyone, but SCREW HER and FTG!!!!!

Williesmom posted 12/25/2013 11:58 AM

Heartwarming tale.

homewrecked2011 posted 12/25/2013 12:06 PM

This is truly the only place I can share this type of info and be understood!!!

Funny thing about this also is that I have driven a $750.00 vehicle for 6 years now because I didn't want to stretch our budget. It is a vehicle she would never be seen in. Trust me when I say her driving around in her vehicle looking good is something that pulled my H in her direction at the onset. The big 2 story home, the $95.00 haircuts, the designer clothes, the nice vehicle. All brought to her by her XH.... Now, she lost her home, lives in a mobile home with her Mom, 2 kids, my XWH, her dog, and now no car. The kids say she gripes all the time.

FaithFool posted 12/25/2013 12:15 PM

Best Christmas story ever.

JerseyCowgirl posted 12/25/2013 12:26 PM

Oh yes! There really is a Santa Clause. Thanks for
sharing. My wish before Iwent to sleep last night was that a lot of us BS's would see a little karma. Hope to hear some more and it is okay for us to get a little pleasure after what we went through. Yahoo for you!

phmh posted 12/25/2013 14:38 PM

I can't wrap my mind around a $900 car payment. Especially if you have that payment and can't afford a $4k fix.

I suspect her poor financial decisions will haunt her for many, many years.

Vulcanized posted 12/25/2013 21:03 PM

Good for her!

The kids say she gripes all the time.

Good for her! And for XH.

StillLivin posted 12/26/2013 10:05 AM

Awwww poor muffin.
Don't ya just love karma???

homewrecked2011 posted 12/26/2013 19:05 PM

Ow's XH bought her the car -- he had a great monthly income, but spent everything every month. I suspect they were in upside down on their last vehicle, and rolled it into this one....

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whatdoto posted 12/26/2013 19:43 PM

XWH is home alone,both of his trucks have broken down since I left in October. He has spent thousands...I hv the newer F250 4-door in primo condition cause I take care of my ride.

Boo hoo for them.....not

peridot posted 12/27/2013 00:07 AM

I love all of these Christmas time karma stories.

SurelyNOT posted 12/27/2013 00:23 AM

You just gotta love karma, she has a habit of sneaking up when you least expect it. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

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