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Should I tell OW's BF's ex?

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JustForgave posted 12/25/2013 22:32 PM

So OW was seeing the guy who is her current boyfriend while she was with wh. (Huge surprise there, huh?)

At any rate, this bf of hers has two children, one a teenage girl and the other a boy of about 3.

I have recently thought that maybe this mother doesn't know what type of woman her ex is bringing into her children's lives. OW not only had a relationship with a married man, but also has a mother who would sleep with men for a place to sleep. This mother/daughter whore team would be partially in charge of an impressionable young freshman in high school if OW and her bf stay together for any length of time.

Is it only me being a vindictive bitch wanting to tell her? I mean, the A ended 18 months ago. Plus, I don't know who his ex is, and I'm not sure how to find her.


Kalliopeia posted 12/25/2013 23:37 PM

If you are saying you want to hunt down OW's boyfriend's EX, then tbh your energy will probably serve you better to set that effort aside in favor of doing something that will directly benefit you.

And yes, you are clearly feeling angry and want to get a zing in. Believe me, you will feel better staying NC from those people.

Dreamland posted 12/26/2013 00:21 AM

I guess if the OW is still in a relationship with her BF then you could find out who he is. He is like any of BSO who should know who they are dealing with. I would not contact the OW because she might try to reach out to your husband. You are sure they( your husband) and her are NC??
Are you getting any gut feelings something is amiss ??
IMO I think exposing the single OW and is crutial to exposing the affair for you and future BS.

TheAgonyOfIt posted 12/26/2013 00:31 AM

Oh boy. I understand that feeling. The other poster who suggested NC...that poster knows what she's talking about.

Only put yourself on the middle of others affairs if you want to be in the middle.!

I deeply fear for you that any additional contact with any of those people is just going to hurt you. Right now it seems it would feel good. And probably like the heady elation when your home teams win.

But after, it will hurt you to have acted with vengeance.

You want to feel better or you want to be "right?'

Sometimes it's a tough call in the heat of it, but promise promise so much better for you to feel better. Going after OW on any way

.well it WILL Backfire.

Promise that too. I know it's sooooooo hard.

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