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Trying to learn

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Dieselpw posted 12/26/2013 17:13 PM

So I've recently learned that I'm horrible at reading certain situations. I have recently moved to an apartment to get out of the town we lived in and in doing so I've had to put something's up. I let my sister have a shelf that we had in the bathroom at the old place and BS saw it on Xmas. It made BS really mad at me and I wasn't sure what I had done cause we always said that objects hold no personal meaning to us. After BS calmed down it was explained that the choice of giving it away instead of asking BS. I didn't get rid of it out of spite I just didn't have room and don't want to trash it. I now understand the reason for being upset but don't know how to read between the lines in order to not make the same mistake. Any advice?

jo2love posted 12/26/2013 17:28 PM

I think communication is key. If you are unsure on how to handle something, it might be helpful to ask her.

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