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I finally get it

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Mypoorkids posted 12/26/2013 17:53 PM

My WH is going to magically change into trustworthy caring man. He is going to make his children and marriage his top priority. He will not even consider any actions that would jeopardize either. The next few years he will be remorseful and doing all he can to prove how much he loves and values us. BULLSHIT!

What is motivating him to stay the marriage, I have no clue but it is none of the above. He is the SAME person who had a LTA with a COW. The thought that even with IC he will transform into someone else is laughable.

Honestly does anyone deserve to be with someone who would do this? That has such little regard for their children? The truth of the matter is that I am scared shitless he will leave. I am in survival mode because it will be up to me to make sure my kids are taken care of. I am the one who has to get a full time low paying job after years of part time work. I will have to move from our home to a cheap apartment and scrape by for every penny. I have to figure out how the kids will get to Dr appointments, school, activities and all the other shit that I do.

Or do I suck it up and live with this betraying piece of shit pretending that everything is wonderful! The thought of having sex with him repulses me. Unfortunately I had the privilege of reading some of the sex talk that was exchanged.

I have never gotten mad! All I feel is a deep despair that doesn't go away. I don't want to go to IC or MC anymore. This sucks!

If any WS can help me understand or just wants to give their opinion, go ahead.

devasted30 posted 12/26/2013 18:45 PM

I feel your pain and your anger. I wish I could say something that will help, but, there really are no words. I am a strong believer in fate. What will be will be etc. Hang in there. You will not only survive this, you will thrive. I am sure it doesn't seem like it right now, but the answers will come to you. Just hang on for now and know that we are here to help you and support you.

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