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Respite from depression. Got my groove back

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Runninggirl posted 12/26/2013 22:28 PM

I would LOVE to hear your experiences. I cannot be the only one. Has a vacation been this beneficial to anyone else here (-:
Ok. Sounds crazy but I went on a 5 day cruise with just my sister and for 5 Solid days I felt what people who don't struggle with depression must feel like. Even a brief glimpse was life changing.
I had no idea I could feel this way.

My husband/family picked us up from airport and they were shocked. In a good way Made me feel great. I did not realize how frazzled I must be majority of the time. (Had highlights done on ship and got some sun. Plus SLEEP works wonders). H said he could not get over the change in a short time. I feel human again!! Hasn't worn off yet. Trying to hang on to the positive state of mind.

I struggle with depression and have since my teens.
Vacations usually cause me ridiculous anxiety-- but I have
to say. As much as I worried about this trip....Almost
backed out. The cruise was the first time in years I did not feel like the walking dead.

A large part of this new feeling of JOY and PEACE was I
had zero responsibilty for first time in a LONG time (beyond the Mom worry that is always there no matter what) For this trip, nobody to care for but myself.

Slept soundly, danced with sister like we were 12 again and swam until I was wiped out.

I LOVE the ocean. I knew my family was having a great
time at home. Wish I could bottle the feeling for times that are rough.
PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY!!! I really want to hear how you got your GROOVE BACK!!!

UnexpectedSong posted 12/28/2013 00:34 AM

I haven't had this experience myself, but I know that SLEEP makes a huge difference. I'm so glad you got your groove back. Make sure to get enough sleep and hang onto your groove!

Gottagetthrough posted 12/28/2013 02:54 AM

So glad you got some sleep and 'Me time' we all need that!! :-)

Oh, and the time I got my groove back... Jogging. And enough sleep & healthy food. But seriously, jogging.

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circe posted 12/28/2013 08:04 AM

You sound wonderful! And your vacation sounds like it was perfect for you. I hope you can do "maintenance" vacations regularly so you can look forward to them and make tons of great memories to carry you through the harder times.

I like to travel alone. Every couple of years when I get to a certain level of stress and being overwhelmed by life, DH starts emailing me tripadvisor links to some place adventurous, out of the way, relaxing, super athletic, quiet, loud - just waiting for something to strike me. He can usually see me reaching my breaking point before I can. DH himself recharges by fishing every few weeks. I think his way is better - regular self maintenance, rather than building up to boiling point and then cooling off - but both ways work for us.

So I think you should definitely schedule mini-vacations to keep this great feeling going!

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