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facebook blocking

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rachelc posted 12/27/2013 07:45 AM

There are two people I know of who have me blocked and I don't understand why. One was a fellow teacher friend of mine who retired - and she's still friends with others in our building.

another is a friend of our daughters. I can see this because my husband can see their pages but not me.

I have been nothing but nice to these people. But, I must be putting off some vibe I'm not aware of... or not?

unbreak_my_heart posted 12/27/2013 07:57 AM

or they are hiding something from you.

tushnurse posted 12/27/2013 08:21 AM

eh who cares. Really other than being judged by others what about it would bother you?

I honestly could give a rip who is my friend and isn't on FB anymore, I was particularly picky as to who I even made friends with, as I wanted to limit it, and now I think I only check it once or twice a day. I think FB itself is fading away, and more people are using other social media, and if you don't have Twitter, or instagram to link to you are missing out anyway.... at least that's what my teens tell me. LOL

Eh they don't want to be friends F' em.

Lionne posted 12/27/2013 12:16 PM

It could be be a use of something you "liked." I had that happen to me. A very old friend, one who I dated for a long time, starting on high school, unfriended me because of my political "likes." It's very funny, too, because back then he and I shared the same positions, in spades. He is a very judgmental person, and is working on his 5th serious relationship, having been married and divorced twice, lived with two other women.
Some people take FB far too seriously. Don't worry about it and enjoy the people you can share with.

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Chrysalis123 posted 12/27/2013 12:28 PM

Try not to take it personally. It could be any number of reasons that have nothing to do with you.

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