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I'm back

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Feb 8, 2011 posted 12/29/2013 23:35 PM

Just finished texting with a friend/confidante of my ww. I guess it was a BIG mistake to break off a fun and promising new relationship back in June to give her another chance.

Turns out that there was more than one affair, and that she saw me as just a sperm donor. An that she had cheated in virtually every previous relationship. (I knew of one.)

It's well and truly over now. We ended it (again)on Christmas Day, and tonight when I dropped of my son at her place, there was another vehicle in the driveway. I now know not to believe a single word that that woman ever tells me ever again.

nekorb posted 12/29/2013 23:43 PM

I'm so sorry.

Crushed1 posted 12/30/2013 00:19 AM

So sorry (((Feb))) I'm GLAD that you've seen the truth of her and are moving on.

jb3199 posted 12/30/2013 01:08 AM


Say that it isn't so!

Sorry, friend. It sucks beyond definition. Why can't they learn to be honest after all this time?

The only positive that I can offer you, is that you know what you need to do. You have enough knowledge and experience here to get yourself out of this mess.

Maybe you want to kick yourself for putting yourself in this position once again, but it happens often....regrettably. Some waywards won't change. But you already know this. It is hard not to want to be able to trust our partner again. But if they don't/won't do the hard work, the chance for successful R is pretty slim.

Welcome back. What I am more sorry, is, that you needed to come back. Good luck moving forward.

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