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Sooo ridiculous

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Raven96 posted 12/30/2013 07:37 AM

WH can't take time off from his job between Christmas and New Year's. He still had two days to take (that I know of...heck, maybe he burned them with her, who knows), and now he is going to lose them. Anyway, yesterday was a bad day for us, and he made the comment that he would call in sick today if I wanted him to. This man has been at his job for 26 years and has called in sick MAYBE four or five times total.

So this morning I asked if he was calling in. He said he would if I wanted him to. He repeated this about 5 times before I just told him that he would feel guilty and be miserable all day, so he should just go in. He answered, "You know it has nothing to do with us if I go know how I feel about calling in if I'm not really sick."

Wow! I so wish he had the same morals and values for our M that he does about his job. FWit!

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steadfast1973 posted 12/30/2013 08:09 AM

True! My WH didn't get it when I was upset that he was willing to take off work to be with a person he considered a "warm fuck toy", but wouldn't for me... On my birthday.

Raven96 posted 12/30/2013 09:58 AM

Oh, I am so sorry, Steadfast. That is unbelievable! I cannot believe how completely crappy our WSs become in an A. THAT'S the kind of person the wonderful AP brings out?!? I seriously will never understand.

I hope you went out and spent a lot of time and $$ on yourself for your birthday!!!

steadfast1973 posted 12/30/2013 10:11 AM

He ended up taking me to a fancy dinner two nights later, and bought me some nice gifts. Since then, the universe forced him to take time off to spend with me, between snow emergencies and car troubles, he's been with me the majority of December! He's even started working from home most days. The whole plan was to go to dinner after my birthday, because it was a Thursday. But, my birthday was also the one month antiversary of dday... I really just needed him home. A big huge fight, then talk the next day, while snowed in, and he got it. Finally.

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struggling16 posted 12/30/2013 10:19 AM

I'm so sorry you had to fight this battle. The oblivious cluelessness and selfish cruelty is mind-boggling, isn't it?

Sometimes I have to take a deep breath, step back and say, "Who is this a--hat I married, anyway?"

Raven96 posted 12/30/2013 10:47 AM

I'm glad he got it, Steadfast, short of you hitting him over the head with a giant brick.

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