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creativecat posted 12/30/2013 13:04 PM

After Dday#2, I finally installed (with WHs full knowledge) tracking software on his phone. It has come up with some doozies as far as gps locations he's been at during work which I've confronted him on and he's immediately denied/said he's tired of getting in trouble for bad technology.

Last weekend I installed a second tracking program, also with his knowledge. Both programs show him waaaaaaaayyyyy out of his "territory" today, and now he won't answer voice mails or texts.

Is it possible that his phone is just bad at reporting where he is? He has the GPS function activated, despite complaining that it drains his battery. Can both programs be completely wrong?

painfulpast posted 12/30/2013 13:08 PM

Both? Sure, but I doubt they'd both say the same wrong place. Why not drive to where it says he is? That way you'll know for sure?

Ostrich80 posted 12/30/2013 13:08 PM

Why don't you put a GPS on his vehicle? Phones are easy to excuse but a GPS just by itself I think, would make no errors. Maybe don't tell him

RealityStinks posted 12/30/2013 13:17 PM

If it's a phone GPS, then it can have sporadic points show up because of the way the phone is located. But, it's not that wrong. If it shows him in the same place over and over, he's there.

You should be able to check time stamps at recorded points prior to and after the points you are concerned about. If he couldn't have driven that distance in that amount of time, then it's sporadic.

My WW said the same thing about "bad technology". I told her that I wasn't trying to hit a target half way around the world. Knowing her location within 50 feet is good enough. She had no reason to have ever been within a mile of his bed.

Your WH is lying about his location. If he can use his phone, then his phone can be located. Think about all the people located on a daily basis by 911 because of the phone's location. The technology is fine, our WSs are bad.

creativecat posted 12/30/2013 13:22 PM

Work vehicle, so can't put gps on it. He just called me back with a valid explanation of his location, which I can't detail here because I'm trying to maintain security in the midst of needing support. But it is valid and verifiable, so I'm OK.

Except I'm not OK, apparently, because I'm on here asking perfect strangers how to tell me how to trust my WH. This sucks, big time. Not how I wanted to live my life, but I am thankful for the forums. Roller coaster of emotions continuing, because this time it is "real" recovery for us, not rugsweeping, and it is understood that the M is at stake now. Scared to find things, scared to not look, angry as a hornet, sad, hurt, expecting something bad to happen even though he is truly remorseful and transparent. Ugh.

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