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Feeling like a brand new baby!

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dreamlife posted 12/31/2013 00:51 AM

I do not recall feeling this way with my first D of many years ago and we are still very close friends, have a grown DD, etc.

With this D...I am on a huge roller coaster!
Is this "normal"?

Sometimes I feel crazy-rotten & other times like this brand new being and so happy I could...

Anyone else feel this way?

Is there a post D "roller coaster"?


sparkysable posted 12/31/2013 13:07 PM

It's been 3 years, and I still don't feel right.

imwideawake posted 12/31/2013 13:47 PM

It's 3 yrs since dday and 1 since divorce. I'm feeling like myself again. There was a roller coaster through all this, but it's leveling off now. So glad I made it.

dreamlife posted 12/31/2013 14:20 PM

3 years, wow!

I feel like I don't have TIME.

Speaking of which:

One Day at a time!

Thanks for responding and giving me perspective.

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