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mommy tummy

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Gottagetthrough posted 12/31/2013 19:02 PM

I am 5 foot nothin' and had a 10 lb baby.

'Nuff said

Even when ive been thin since the birth of my kids, ive had skin hang down on my tummy.

is there any way to tighten that up. I know you cant get rid of the stretch marks, and loose skin will still be there... but is there a way to make it not AS bad

hurtbs posted 12/31/2013 19:38 PM

Well you can do some general core strengthening and lose a few pounds (I'm assuming that like most of Americans you have a little extra around the middle - but maybe you don't, so please don't take offense). Those two things, weight loss and core strengthening, are the best bet to a flatter, firmer tummy. However, if you have hanging skin in spite of being physically fit and trying exercise, then you may need to talk to a plastic surgeon.

I know that people experience massive weight loss can get skin stretched. It doesn't go back back to normal and only surgery can fix it. I've only seen that in people who lose 75+ lbs, but I'm sure it's also common (to a lesser degree) in woman with post-pregnancy loss.

All that being said, I know that women are the biggest critics of their own body. I bet you look fabulous and that no one even notices this hanging skin!

Manningup26 posted 12/31/2013 22:41 PM

Hmmm just curious if your weight fluctuates? Interesting problem - course, I've seen 'small' women have huge babies - so I can't 'visualize' whether you are 'big' as you kinda sorta imply! Is 'everything' else tight (thighs, back, legs etc) - or is just your tummy. Hmmm, I thought breast feeding helps a bit too?

Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 10:17 AM

I have recently gained about 10 lbs due to the pill, but quit it and hope the weight will go. It's a lot of water weight

Other than that, I'm fairly stable. I jog and my butt and legs look great lol! But I hate situps. I think I need to do some of those. But the skin hangs. I was 54 inches around when I delivered, had problems in first preg, incl too much fluid. So I was super big ... So much so that the drs and nurses commented etc

I see these celebs with wrinkley tummys but no hanging skin. Just wonder what their secret is, I wouldn't mind a wrinkley tummy, just hate that stomach flap!!

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k94ever posted 1/1/2014 10:32 AM

Dear Gotta,

Unfortunately it sounds like your skin just stretched out. No amount of sit-ups will tighten stretched skin.

Can you get a referral to a plastic surgeon.

10 lbs. Wooowheee!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 10:38 AM

Dang it ! I thought someone would have a special secret to a flat tummy. I was up late last night and saw pics of Katie Holmes flat but slightly wrinkled tummy. Guess a 5'9 woman having a 7 lb baby is more likely to snap back than a 5'0 woman with a 10 lber!

Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 10:38 AM

Dang it ! I thought someone would have a special secret to a flat tummy. I was up late last night and saw pics of Katie Holmes flat but slightly wrinkled tummy. Guess a 5'9 woman having a 7 lb baby is more likely to snap back than a 5'0 woman with a 10 lber!

Manningup26 posted 1/1/2014 11:15 AM

OH, you looking for the quick fix!! Jessica Simpson is in these new commercials (after having a baby) - and I can assure you - she might have lost some weight - but ah she's still a thick Jessica. I would say it's one of the joys (side affects) of Motherhood!! 'Course, I think it's kinda sexy - but I'm sure you DON'T!! I see it as a badge of going into duty! But, I 'sense' you want to get bikini ready - and NOW is the time to get it done!!!

Edith posted 1/1/2014 11:19 AM

Hi Gotta,
I am 4'8" and had small babies. After having lost weight, I had a tummy tuck. PM me if you want the info.


sadcat posted 1/1/2014 11:55 AM

There are several new laser therapies out there that are not invasive. Some tighten the skin.

If you are going to go the plastic surgery route I would explore both invasive (tummy tuck) and non-invasive options.

Other wise try planks, or get one of those ab workout dvds.

Frankly, we are not meant to have the same body at 19 that we have at 40 or after kids.

solus sto posted 1/1/2014 13:16 PM

There IS some skin rebound, but anything that remains after 12-18 months at your ideal body weight, despite good eating and exercise, is there to stay.

That's why I have a (very meagerly funded) plastic surgery account.

Some day..

Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 13:50 PM

Double post! Sorry

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Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 13:50 PM

Sorry double post (new very sensitive phone! :)

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Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 13:50 PM

How do these celebs do it! I want my own personal trainer & chef

I used to want a tummy tuck, but I'm not so sure any more. I just have that little flap. Boo!!

Ariabook posted 1/1/2014 14:13 PM

Diastasis Recti - Google it.

Gottagetthrough posted 1/1/2014 14:17 PM

Ariabook- I thought I had that but a dr said no?? Hmm.. I still think I might have it, my muscles are stretched

Ariabook posted 1/2/2014 01:06 AM

If its just flappy skin and not an actual bulge, then I don't think you have Diastasis Recti.

Maybe what your doctor meant was that your Diastasis Recti is not as serious as others. 1-2 fingers is not much and many don't care for it. If you still have it its minimal (sp)

Edith posted 1/2/2014 07:51 AM

Diastasis Recti - Google it.

Yes, I had it. Two babies less than 10 months apart on my 4'8" body was a disaster on my muscles. My surgeon said even my laterals were torn, she fixed them all and removed the excess skin. $$ well spent!!


MCGar posted 1/2/2014 10:04 AM

My skin stretched out with pregnancy and did not snap back. I can gather the excess skin around my belly button with my hands and see certain type of 'wrinkles' that look like the skin is just stretched and worn.
On the plus side I went to one of those wrap parties and tried a wrap, it worked. Not completely but it doesn't claim to do it all at once, you need to do it like once a week to get where you need it and then maintain every few months.
After I did it once, the skin I could gather with my hands almost halved in amount and there are noticeably less wrinkles when that skin is gathered.
The company is called ItWorks!
It is expensive. I signed up for their 3 month membership to get a better price and had to order one thing a month fr three months then cancelled it.
I have a small stockpile of those wraps that I plan on using after I lose a certain amount of lbs.
they also have a cream that really tightens/tones up skin but it needs to be used with a certain amount of regularity.
If the cost is too prohibitive, they do have recipes for making wraps at home with clay on the net and whatnot, but I haven't tried those yet.
Also I saw an interview once with a massage therapist and she found that deep tissue massage actually tightened skin on a client that had undergone stomach stapling.
Finally, I used a type of belly band for exercising, it helps you sweat and keep you tight around your middle. I noticed after a few times of exercising, it really smoothed out a lot of bulge, I have since stopped exercising much but it did make a difference, I think it helped redistribute some migrated fat.

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