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Does your cat go on walks w you like a dog?

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InnerLight posted 1/1/2014 16:16 PM

My cat does. Today SO and I set off on a big hike deep down into the canyon by my house. My cat followed and at first I didn't worry about it because she will get tired, turn around and go home. That's happened when I've been on shorter walks in my area. But this was an ambitious hike in a very wild and steep place. We estimated it would be 1 hour down, 2 hours back up.

My cat didn't give up and kept following us. She didn't turn around and go home like I thought she would. I got worried that she would stop, turn around and get lost and get picked off by a coyote.

My SO was very worried. We finally turned around only half way down and went back. We carried her part of the way home.

Do you go on long walks w your cat? Does she stay w you the whole time or wander off? Have you ever lost a cat this way?
How long of a hike can a cat manage?

k94ever posted 1/1/2014 16:44 PM

I've always had cats that went on walks with me, but never long ones.

Best to shut kitty up in the house when you want to go for a long hike.


looking forward posted 1/1/2014 16:50 PM

Our outdoor cat follows my H around and winds up on H's shoulders.
So I would say, definitely, Moses goes on walks with him. He's never wandered off, fortunately. I

...and at the cottage, he even follows H onto the dock...a cat on a dock!!

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Take2 posted 1/1/2014 16:53 PM

Both my male cats do this - but not long hikes (no place to do that here really) but through the woods for a mile or two - yep! Especially if I am walking my daughter's dog. I think they think their missing out on something, so they tag along :)

Skan posted 1/1/2014 17:12 PM

When I was a teenager, I had a Siamese cat named Sham, who would walk on a leash with me. When we lived in the Monterey, CA, area, I used to hike with him. He would walk a bit, then when tired, ride across my shoulders around my neck, with his back resting against my backpack. One of his favorite places was the tidal pools. He'd wade from pool to pool and fish for crabs.

When I lived in NJ, my next door neighbors cat would accompany me about 1/4 mile down the trail when I went riding, and quite often would pick me up on my way back and walk back with us. He also tried to catch the lash of my lunge whip while I was working a horse. The horses got pretty "cat proof" with him being around!

FaithFool posted 1/1/2014 17:33 PM

He also tried to catch the lash of my lunge whip while I was working a horse. The horses got pretty "cat proof" with him being around!

Siamese are special that way.

looking forward posted 1/1/2014 18:20 PM

...I wanted to add that, if you are in a rural area with wildlife like coyotes, you should keep the cat indoors when you plan to go on a hike.
Also, is the cat microchipped and wearing an ID collar (Rabies vaccination)?

Crushed1 posted 1/1/2014 22:12 PM

We had a beautiful siamese cat (he's been gone for two years now ) who used to follow me and our two chihuahuas when I took them for a walk. He was the cutest thing! When we'd stop for the dogs to sniff around, Kona (our cat) would stop and lie down and watch and wait for us to start walking again. I sure miss him, he was a neat cat!

InnerLight posted 1/2/2014 00:21 AM

Next time I head out for a long hike I will leave her inside. She might have been ok for a longer hike but I just don't know her full capabilities. One of her favorite things is to be outdoors with me. She also loves my SO who plays with her.

lynnm1947 posted 1/2/2014 09:02 AM

I know someone whose cat will go on bike rides with him. Loves to sit in the forward basket!

One of my S/O's sisters has a cat that goes on walks around the neighbourhood with her. This cat also likes to drink milk from a baby bottle, and if you hold him like a baby, he will even hold his own bottle.

Newlease posted 1/2/2014 13:30 PM

My cat is an indoor-only cat, but he follows me EVERYWHERE! It's like having a toddler again. I go in the laundry room, he follows me. I go in the bathroom, he follows me. If I try for privacy, he waits outside the door until I'm finished. If he's not sitting on my lap when I'm in the living room, he lying right beside me. He sleeps by my feet all night. He is my little love bug.


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