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StillLivin posted 1/2/2014 15:42 PM

Is it too early to start thinking about a G2G.
I'm broke right now, but say in Marchish timeframe, I should be caught up on emergencies!
Last time was in October (not too hot and not too cold) in Tucson.
Thinking one of the Phoenix or maybe Flagstaff area restaurants next time.
Is anybody interested in a G2G in a few months? Gives plenty of time to plan. Oh, and maybe somebody in Phoenix doing some of the logisitcs of reserving, etc. to assist.

3/3/2014 -- ETA: Just hitting folks up to see what else besides dinner for ideas!!!

3/7/2014 -- ETA: I have sent out a PM to all that are in the AZ area, and/or who have expressed an interest. Please PM me if you didn't get a PM and/or are interested in the G2G 29 March.

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Sad in AZ posted 1/2/2014 23:51 PM

Man! I would love to g2g with the AZ peeps. I really miss Tucson. I have to get back there to see mom at some point, but I don't have the vacation time accrued yet.

Keep me informed

wildbananas posted 1/3/2014 00:24 AM

I'm actually planning on being in Phoenix in mid-March!

Hmmmm... can a Cali girl crash the party?

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Chrysalis123 posted 1/3/2014 12:37 PM

I might be up for it if airfares cooperate.

StillLivin posted 1/3/2014 14:17 PM

SAD in AZ, Woo hooo, get the vacation time up woman!
wildbananas, yep, crash away!
Chrysalias123, after all of your support, would LOVE to meet you in person!
Just getting the beginning wisps of G2G talk started here.
Newlysingle and I went to a fantastic German restaurant in Phoenix, so that will be first on the suggestions!
Give some suggestions for dates and places folks!

musiclovingmom posted 1/3/2014 16:58 PM

I'm gonna follow this thread. NW New Mexico here and not sure I'd be able to work out the logistics, but maybe.

StillLivin posted 1/10/2014 14:03 PM

Bump. Start hitting me up for suggestions of places and dates for a G2G folks.
PS I'll bump every few weeks.

Crossbow posted 1/10/2014 14:56 PM

MLM, you're not so far from me (SLC). I've always wished we could get a G2G out here!

StillLivin posted 1/10/2014 15:08 PM

Crossbow, I say do it. I would come if it was between class breaks, i.e. spring break, Christmas break. I love NM too! Just make sure they have good Mexican food close by!

lost_in_space posted 1/10/2014 17:41 PM

Wish I had funds to go. I come in here every now and then looking to see if there's a soCal G2G.

Jrazz posted 1/10/2014 18:15 PM

lis - NorCal isn't THAT far away... (help me out, woundedby2!)

Phoenix in mid-March!

Don't let DS see you booking G2G's over hers, 'naners.

musiclovingmom posted 1/10/2014 21:35 PM

Crossbow, I'm almost exactly as far from SLC as I am from PHX (and Denver and Las Vegas for that matter).

h0peless posted 1/10/2014 22:27 PM

I've got some time off in mid-March and a friend who I really need to visit in the Valley. If the times line up right, I'm in!

StillLivin posted 1/19/2014 06:57 AM


sleepless34 posted 1/19/2014 14:15 PM

Hi, I would love to get together. I am flexible to meet up in Phoenix area, could do Tucson as well.

Anyone up for coffee or lunch prior to the mid march bigger thing??

kernel posted 1/19/2014 18:47 PM

Given the forecast in my neck of the woods, I surely will dream of a G2G in AZ!! (more snow, more cold)

StillLivin posted 1/20/2014 20:26 PM

Thinking either 8 or 9 March. Maybe 14 or 15 March, but right now looking like the first is going to be more doable with my full time work an full time school schedule.
Open forum for ideas where to go or what to do.
My vote is for some good German food, but always open to suggestion.
Just hit me up in a PM, we don't post a lot of specifics for obvious reasons on the sight!

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StillLivin posted 1/30/2014 09:53 AM

Time to bump!

Crescita posted 1/30/2014 10:35 AM

I'm following this thread attentively. I really, really want to throw my name in, but I always have such bad luck once the date gets picked. Please do let me know when you have a date set

StillLivin posted 1/30/2014 15:15 PM

PM me what dates are good for you. I know I cannot do ANYTHING before 8 March, but after, most of my weekends are free.
And also, PM me some other ideas of what and where!

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