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Do or don't?

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Mar2003 posted 1/5/2014 22:28 PM

Okay my brain is not working properly!!!!
Quick review of my story
My 1st D day July 2008
We went to counseling and after long months it got better. And ever since then things have been great! Or at least I thought.
2nd day date 2/23/2013
She FB me while I was at Walmart and at first was just taunting me then she started coming with the things no one would no. I didn't fight with her, I played cool. And then I blocked her.
My husband works faraway from our house so I can go as long as four weeks before he's home.
My husband did confess after his "slut, nasty, cum dropper" did. He stated he met her online, went to her house while he was at work and hooked up once. He said they texted for a few weeks until he got arrested for a DUI. Soon after that he started counseling all on his own free will. He said after he started counseling he told her he was sorry but he loved me and wanted to work on his marriage, and to leave me alone.
He states she kept telling him she was going to tell if he didn't start texting her back. He said this went on for almost a year now. On December 23rd he didn't text her and this is when she found me to tell.
Anyway I got a text today from my husband starting he got rid of all his accounts. He left 2 emails along with the passwords and the Facebook log on name and password.
So what do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I checked his Facebook. Couldn't find anything until I check that other folder/the one were all the spam and companies nut it also sticks stuff in there if they are not a friend.
BAM this Saturday she facebooked "hi"
I no he did not no it was in there, but I do,
So again the question do I write back or do I not???

One part of me wants to write her back so bad, plus she will think its from him.
And the grown up side says let it alone,
Please help me

1stD 7/2008
2/23/2013 2nd day

BAB61 posted 1/5/2014 23:27 PM

Do not write to her .. do not engage with her at all. Check his computer for the program 'In Private Browsing' ... if it's on there he may still be contacting her, just hiding it.

Put a keystroke logger on the computer he uses, ask for the password to the phone bill on-line (ours logs every phone number for talk and text).

Does he have a work phone? Does he call or text you every night while he's away?

Mar2003 posted 1/6/2014 04:38 AM

He does call and text every night. He has his cell phone but they also have a work phone available.

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