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In So Much Pain!

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Averyhurtgirl posted 1/6/2014 17:42 PM

Hi everyone! I have been in contact with my husband due to my son. The other day, he came over happy saying that he is moving on and it seemed like he found someone. I asked him if he is talking to someone and he was smiling with over joy. He also said some other things to me like we were not happy anyways, even if he didn't cheat we would have eventually gotten a divorce, that I had issues myself etc.

I have been in so much pain since then. It's been 2 years and am wondering when things will start to feel better. This pain seriously is not going away; thousands of dollar of counseling, using relaxation techniques, CBT, family support, working hard at work, working hard at being a mom but the pain is still there.

I really feel like it is never going to go away. It's pounding to the point where I just want life to pass by so I can one day grow up and die so I don't have to feel the pain anymore. I can't describe the pain, I still cry on a daily basis. It got better but now that the divorce is coming closer,!he is being a jerk, his family is encouraging him to treat me bad and guess what, it's working because I feel like I am stuck.

I just think it's not fair that he cheated on me for years and is happy while I was patient, gave him chances to change, and am the one crying. All he is doing is looking forward to a brighter future with another person, by meeting someone quickly so he can get married again.

He is also a very good liar and manipulator and is starting to tell people lies or exaggerate things I did in my marriage to sound like I was the one who had problems. I can't run from this pain. I see his life progressing happily. I have a son and will have to deal with him all my life.

To anyone who years post DD, has the pain gotten better??? Be honest please. I keep relaying on time and hard work but the pain is still intense.

How about the interaction with your ex, has that gotten better over the years, ESP if there are kids involved?

Have you moved on and married and found happiness or still have struggles? If you ex has moved on and gotten married, do u think she or he is happy? I don't think it's fair that they can hurt us and still be happy. How did you deal with the pain of seeing them marry another person and be your child's step parent and hear stories about them being happy?

If you had involved in laws and had kids involved, how are your interactions with them now? They are promoting my ex to treat me badly even though it was their son who did wrong; they are telling him that she was never happy with you anyway and it would have eventually broke off and they he was unhappy in the marriage etc.

I know this sounds harsh but Has karma come to visit ur ex? I obviously am in pain because I miss what we once had, despise him for hurting me, living the life of a lie for half or marriage, and then saying we weren't happy anyways. How can I hate yet still love someone that hurt me so much.

Averyhurtgirl posted 1/6/2014 17:47 PM

Oops, this was meant for another section. I will change it.

jo2love posted 1/6/2014 17:52 PM

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