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questions about reading posts on SI

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confused43 posted 1/7/2014 02:16 AM

not sure where to post this so I'll try here. I often find threads I want to read and follow but there is no way that I can find to save a thread into my account. Surely there must be a way right? I don't necessarily want to post in it but want to keep reading it but I can't remember all the thread names and things move so quickly that I lose track of them. ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Amazonia posted 1/7/2014 05:06 AM

Platinum members ($50/year donation to SI) have a Follow feature - there's a little checkbox in the top right corner that says "Follow this thread". You can follow x number of threads...I forget exactly how many, and the least recently updated ones fall off in favor of newer ones as you add them, I believe.

There's more info in the Premium Access thread that you can see stickied at the top of the main forum page, the big red bar.

ETA Here is a link to the Premium Access information.
MH has added more features since it was rolled out, so the description on the first page doesn't include everything anymore, but if you read through the rest of the thread, MH updated every time a new feature was implemented.

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dameia posted 1/7/2014 19:22 PM

And if you can't afford the subscription right now, you can always bookmark the thread.

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