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Burning, stinging in left thumb, index and middle fingers

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mixedemotions posted 1/9/2014 13:34 PM

I was taking a shower and noticed the water felt unbearably hot only on my left index finger. The same water felt fine everywhere else. Now I feel this weird burning/stinging sensation in my left thumb, index and middle fingers, and in a horizontal line across the top of my palm.

I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything helpful.

Earlier today I went to the gym for a very low impact class with no noticeable pain or injuries...

What gives?!

gutfeeling posted 1/9/2014 14:35 PM

Are you diabetic?

Google diabetic nerve pain.

jo2love posted 1/9/2014 19:22 PM


How are your fingers feeling? I hope they are better.

NotDefeatedYet posted 1/9/2014 20:29 PM

Go see a doctor. I had numbness in the outer two fingers on one hand. It turned out to be a nerve in my neck. The doctor immediately knew what it was when I told him the symptoms. I had to get a steroid injection in my neck. The sensation never came back.

mixedemotions posted 1/10/2014 00:24 AM

Aw, thanks Jo! They're feeling better.

GF - I'm not diabetic but I did google nerve pain, figured it was worth a shot in case there was something I was missing. Thank you!

NotDefeated - that sounds terrible, I'm so sorry! I'm thinking I'll go to the doctor if it comes back.

jo2love posted 1/10/2014 10:15 AM

I'm glad they are feeling better.

purplejacket4 posted 1/10/2014 23:00 PM

That's the distribution of the median nerve. You may have had some temporary swelling in the carpal tunnel (where the nerve enters your hand across the wrist [carpal] bones). If it reoccurs go see your PCP.

mixedemotions posted 1/12/2014 18:05 PM

Thanks Purple and thanks Jo!

heartbroken_kk posted 1/13/2014 00:11 AM

I have had similar symptoms after doing heavy yard work, and then lying in bed with my arm over the covers. I think the "pump" in my arm muscles in my shoulder constricted my nerve and resulted in the numbness/prickles in my hand.

After a couple days of rest the swelling would go down and my symptoms would go away.

I have had this happen repeatedly and rubbing my armpit with my other hand would speed up the resolution of my symptoms within a few minutes, so I know the cause was high up my arm.

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