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FracturedSoul posted 1/10/2014 04:23 AM

My fwh just phoned. He wants to invite his best friend and his wife to come camping with us in December 2014. So what is wrong with that you may ask?

His friend, B, met his wife, C, through my husband, A. A and C met each other online via another mutual friend and hit it of VERY well. This was in 2008. They used to chat constantly...she even started phoning him over weekends...

Everytime I entered the room, A would close the laptop or log off the chat site. I found an sms from C on his phone one day..."what is wrong...why aren't you online yet?". This upset me terribly. I was on maternity leave at that time. I told him that I don't like their friendship and he told me I was paranoid. He made me believe I had post natal depression. Even went to a psychologist for treatment.

By March 2008, I begged him to end the friendship...said I didn't trust her intentions. He reacted by yelling..."Do you honestly think I would throw away our marriage of 4 yrs, our relationship of 11 yrs, our family...for someone else? If you can think that of me, YOU must be busy behind my back and now you have a guilty conscience!" I cried hysterically. ..he made me feel so bad for asking that I landed up apologising to him!

The irony is that, as I found out in 2012, he had in fact already cheated on me by having a ONS with my best friend since primary school...while I was pregnant!

I don't know what would have happened between A and C if B didn't start a relationship with her. Point is...I classify this as an EA. My fwh thinks it wasn't that bad. Putting on a polite happy face when I see her at a social gathering is obe thing, but expecting me to camp with her for 10 days is another!

Am I being rediculous? How should I handle this?

steadfast1973 posted 1/10/2014 05:15 AM

Yeah, that's a big fat NO. My fWH had a "friend" like that before we met. She showed up unexpected at our wedding (not seen or heard from for 4 years...) I was invisible at my own wedding. (And the dress she wore... ) Then he wanted to invite her over, and out for dinners all the time... Saying he wanted to fix her up with his best friend. His friend declined. He said she was too narcissistic and rude, thankfully. I could not imagine having to deal with her all the time.

But yeah, that sounds like an EA. Since FWH's ea, he has no single female friends. Any female friends he has, has to go through me.

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Frankie80 posted 1/10/2014 05:49 AM

Not ridiculous at all! This would be a big no for me too. In fact I wouldn't even want to share my holiday time with H and our family with anyone anyway. It's such precious time and we desperately need quality time together away from everyday stresses after everything we've been through.
Holidays should be relaxing and spent with people you love and want to spend time with. The stress it would put you under trying to act normal, wondering if she's flirting etc would drive me crazy. Please tell your H how strongly you feel about it, I hope he understands.

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FracturedSoul posted 1/10/2014 07:00 AM

Thank you for your comments, I REALLY appreciate it.

bionicgal posted 1/10/2014 07:02 AM

No, no, no.

myeverafter posted 1/10/2014 15:50 PM


(Then again, I am having a hard time doing anything with any other couples other than family members right now.)

Considering our family went on a family vacation with MOW and her family during the A....

roses303 posted 1/10/2014 16:49 PM

No, no, no, no and no. Their relationship sounds an awful lot like that of my WH and his OW when they started their first affair. I would be leery.

OnAnIsland posted 1/10/2014 17:06 PM


And this seems like a time to talk about and work on healthy boundaries and to explore the concept of friends of the marriage.

Morhurt posted 1/10/2014 17:09 PM

I can't stand that he even wants her there! My H had a much less intense EA with a woman (not why I'm here) and I had him write her a NC letter.
I think there should be zero contact between them.

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