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Time for a cocktail!

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ruby44 posted 1/10/2014 17:07 PM

I have been good all week, helped with homework, laundry etc. Been a good mom, kids are with WH for the night in his little one room apartment and I have the house to myself.
it is after 5:00 pm. Time for a cocktail.
What is your preferred libation.
Vodka Tonic with Lime.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 1/10/2014 17:10 PM

Love me some Kettle one w/ tonic & lime. Tonight it's a red wine blend for me :)

painpaingoaway posted 1/10/2014 17:13 PM

Vodka tonic with a splash of St Germaine. To die for!

And, believe it or not, I just had to turn the air conditioner back on.

FaithFool posted 1/10/2014 17:30 PM

I've been good all week too. And if I walk to the wine store that counts as exercise!

It'll be 5:00 by the time I get back

ruby44 posted 1/10/2014 17:36 PM

Vodka tonic with a splash of St Germaine. To die for!

Never tried it, gonna have to give it a try!

Rebreather posted 1/10/2014 17:50 PM

*googles St. Germain*

FaithFool posted 1/10/2014 21:02 PM

I'm back and having a glass of cab.

Sad in AZ posted 1/10/2014 21:08 PM

Two Blue Moons tonight.

MovingUpward posted 1/10/2014 23:07 PM

Boy did everyone go to bed?

FaithFool posted 1/11/2014 01:34 AM

No. But you know everyone is old, right?

[This message edited by FaithFool at 1:35 AM, January 11th (Saturday)]

MovingUpward posted 1/12/2014 01:06 AM

Hey you old people! Get up it's almost your breakfast time.

Neznayou posted 1/12/2014 10:18 AM

First, I have a question: At the top of the post when the time and date are listed, is that my local time or the poster's local time? Am I jumping into a conversation here that's been over for 2 days?

Anyway, I prefer vodka with cranberry; vodka with cranberry and peach schnapps; vodka with cranberry, peach schnapps, and orange juice; or (and this isn't really a cocktail) vodka soaked gummy bears.

nowiknow23 posted 1/12/2014 10:26 AM

1. The time that appears in your post is determined by the time zone you set in your profile.

2. Moo posted really early this morning, so the thread isn't dead yet.

3. Vodka soaked gummy bears? That's a new one.

MovingUpward posted 1/12/2014 11:34 AM

Somehow I was the only one up till the wee hours of the morning.

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