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When it's gray outside....

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lynnm1947 posted 1/11/2014 12:49 PM

I feel a bit blue when the skies are so gray, so I worked it off with paint! Then I taped it to my yellow kitchen wall, (cause who can be blue when yellow's around?) to help me as I prep osso buco for dinner.

MovingUpward posted 1/12/2014 01:05 AM

Cool. I love the look against the yellow.

persevere posted 1/12/2014 16:07 PM

Love that! I used to have yellow kitchen - a much softer yellow - but you are so right - it was so cheerful!

mixedemotions posted 1/12/2014 19:32 PM


lynnm1947 posted 1/13/2014 08:17 AM

Did I mention I hate blue? Unless it's the colour of the sky, that is.

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