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Any Department store managers here ???

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Not_4Ever? posted 1/11/2014 20:50 PM

My niece just started working at a department store. This week she they train her behind the register. Discounts, returns things like this.
A few days ago she got busy and nervous and made a mistake on the register. She paged her Ass. manager (like she was told to do if needed )
My niece was standing behind the manager to see what she did wrong and she heard the manager hissing the word "stupid". My niece is very upset about that and so am I and her mother ( my sister)
I know she will be very intimidated and scared working with the ass. manager again. Should we tell her to let it go or talk to the store manager ???? We don't want to make it worse for her....but this was a very unprofessional remark.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 1/11/2014 21:09 PM

I wasn't a mgr but I did work for JCP for a couple of years. Is she certain the comment was about her and not about the stupidity of the computer systems that make it so difficult to do/correct seemingly simple tasks?

Perhaps she could approach the AM in a manner of "Hey, so I don't make the same mistake again is there something I should do differently?"

So hard when our teens need to be the adult in situations with adults.

fireproof posted 1/11/2014 23:25 PM

I think it takes a special person to work retail. That being said usually someone in management in retail has seen it all.

They are use to people coming in and out and some make far more mistakes than her. That being said unless she was directly addressed I would assume she/he was saying stupid about the cash register or what caused the issue which maybe a glitch in the system she has no control over.

I would either ask how to fix what was done if it happens in the future or just let it go. If she is called something I would bring it up most definitely but if it was one interaction I would let it go. More than likely in retail it could be a customer or she/he is calling themselves stupid when something can't be fixed. They are use to being called and would rather be called that is why they are there in retail. Good luck!

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