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Indentation on ring finger?

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Mom4ever posted 1/11/2014 22:37 PM

I had a ring on my left ring finger for 24 years (2 years engaged and 22 years married). I have had those rings off for almost 7 months. When will the indentation go away???

There is no discoloration. It is an actual groove around my finger. I want it gone! I took my rings off because I don't want to be reminded of him. He doesn't deserve to have his mark on me any more. But it's like now he has left a scar there on my hand as well as in my chest, gut, and mind.

Is there anything I can do to get it to go away?

Of course, he doesn't have that problem. He never wore his ring because it was dangerous..... Poor thing. He always said it could get caught on something and tear his finger off. IF ONLY! That's not all I wish would have got tore off of him!!

But I'm really tired of seeing my finger like this when I look at my hand and it remind me of him. He is still doing so many horrible things to the kids and I and I try not to think about him as much as possible.

For anyone else who had this happen, how long did it take to go away? Any suggestions on what could help?

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Gemini71 posted 1/11/2014 22:41 PM

I suggest getting a beautiful 'mother's ring' to wear on that finger. Then the indentation won't matter.

BAB61 posted 1/11/2014 22:49 PM

I was going to suggest a different ring also!

Go and get a manicure at a really nice salon, get the paraffin dip, it may help the skin hydrate and plump up .. get them every couple of weeks until it's gone!! lol You could pawn the rings to pay for the mani's!!! lolol

nowiknow23 posted 1/11/2014 22:55 PM

Hey, Mom4ever. I wore my rings for about the same amount of time - 25 years total. I was bothered by the indentation as well. ((((hugs))))

I remember that it was undetectable about a year after I took the rings off. It may have been gone sooner than that, but I noted it at a year.

I don't know if it helped, but I made a point of putting lotion on my hands a couple of times a day, and would massage it into the indentation trying to rub it away.

ChoosingHope posted 1/11/2014 22:58 PM

I wore mine for 18 years. The indentation wore off before one year was over.

The longer the marriage, the longer the marks remain. But eventually they fade, just like the memories.

lifestoshort posted 1/11/2014 23:13 PM

I would suspect that would take a long time to not indent. I would get a new ring. something for you that wont makeyou think of him!

I immediately replaced my ring with a cute little band. I never realized the change then. yay

PurpleRose posted 1/11/2014 23:24 PM

I wore my ring for over 20 years also... It felt like it was taking forever for that indentation to go away. But it eventually did.

Hang in there..

ImEnoughForMe posted 1/12/2014 06:13 AM

I wore my ring for 22 years and I took it off our last year being legally married. It's been over a year and the indentation is gone.

Another thing where it takes "time". 😜

Mom4ever posted 1/12/2014 07:15 AM

Thank you all for the input. I am definitely going to try them. I am going to start looking at Mother's Rings too. I definitely would like one of those.

Our oldest child was born in April and the birthstone is a diamond. If I end up having a ring made, would it be wrong to use the stone from my engagement ring?

What have you all done with your wedding rings?

Gemini71 posted 1/12/2014 07:27 AM

My rings are in a drawer somewhere. I haven't decided their final fate yet. I think using the diamond from your engagement ring for the April Birthstone is a fantastic idea!

solus sto posted 1/12/2014 12:59 PM

I had 23 or so years of wearing a ring, only taking the plain gold band off once (for a surgery).

The indentation was gone inside of a year.

20Hopeful16 posted 1/12/2014 14:59 PM

I have had the same question, so I appreciate all the responses. Of course, having the indentation for another 7 months or so doesn't thrill me...

ItHappened2Me2 posted 1/12/2014 17:04 PM

Not divorced yet -- but I took my rings off last year after wearing it for about 25 years. Indent is gone! I did use moisturizer frequently - don't know if that helped or not.

But I plan on wearing a "mother's ring" in it's place (I have the ring -- but need to get it sized for the left hand). My kids share a birthday, so they have the same birthstone. So I have an amethyst ring with two small diamonds on each side.

Getting the ring sized for my left hand is one of the things I want to do when the divorce is final -- just something I want to do at that time.

As far as what I do with my rings -- don't know yet. May have it melted down and redesigned to wear on my right hand. Or sell it!

changed forever posted 1/12/2014 17:16 PM

Not divorced yet here either, but I haven't worn my rings for three or four years. The first time I noticed the indentation was gone was a little over a year after I took the rings off.

FWIW, I didn't use any sort of creams or anything on it. It just gradually faded away.

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