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I saw an old friend of exes yesterday

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idkam posted 1/12/2014 16:51 PM

Very surprised to see this couple. Me and SO were eating at Goode Company yesterday and I looked across the room and noticed someone from my past. He and his wife were friends of me and the ex. I kept looking at the husband and wondering if that was him or not. I had not seen them in many years. My SO told me I should go over to see if it was him and his wife. So after we finished dinner I went over and asked the couple at the table "are you the A's?" The husband looked at me with a huge smile and the wife was cleaning her eye glasses and when she put them back on she looked at me and held out her arms to hug me. We were so excited to see one another. I was afraid they were going to treat me different because I didn't know if they took sides after my divorce. We played catch up for a minute and I asked them if they talked to ex. The husband said hell no! Actually after we found out you guys had divorced we were finished. He said my ex owed him money too. He told me how much he tried to talk some sense into my ex, but he was so bull headed. He said I'm totally finished with that fool.

I told him about our last conversation when my ex thought I was still into him. LOL!!! I introduced them to my new SO and they asked if we would come over for wine. I said of course. We exchanged phone numbers and said goodbye.

We had not seen one another in six years. They told me we saw each other at a pizza place, but I don't remember. Me and the ex were going through a divorce then so I was completely out of my wits back then.

When we got to the car my SO said they couldn't be friends with your ex because they seem like very nice people.

nowiknow23 posted 1/12/2014 16:55 PM

So nice to re-establish an old connection.

idkam posted 1/12/2014 17:34 PM

23; Yes it is nice to reconnect. He and his wife are good people.

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