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Even In My Dreams

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singleat57 posted 1/13/2014 06:56 AM

Yesterday, for the first time in almost a year I didn't cry about my EXH cheating on me and treating me like crap! Then this morning I woke up from a dream, that he wanted me to go buy a Christmas Ornament for her "That Say's Merry Christmas Honey" WTF!
I think I must be going Crazy!

MovingUpward posted 1/13/2014 08:25 AM

Good news on not crying yesterday. Focus on the good things to keep you going.

cluless posted 1/13/2014 08:34 AM

When you are betrayed to this degree, it affects your entire system. It is common for BS to begin having nightmares about the other person, or their spouses leaving, being mean, etc. Your mind is trying to make sense of the senseless.

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