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Wicked weird trigger

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FUBAR858 posted 1/14/2014 17:02 PM

So really weird but had to share to see what ppl say. When my WW started her A, one of our cats started to shit in one spot downstairs. The day after I kicked her out our cat stop shitting in that spot and continued to use the cat box. I've never been one to believe that animals "know" things going on but it kind of fits.

My WW has been back for some time now and the cat has started shitting in the same spot again. As I was clean it up again, it brought me back a year ago. I now this might be a stretch but had to vent. Anyone else with weird triggers like this? Or is it that I'm truly just FUBAR.

jjsr posted 1/14/2014 17:27 PM

I think animals have a better sense of when things are happening then humans do. I think they are very intuitive,

Just wondering if you are from Massachusetts because you started your post with the word wicked and that's a totally Mass thing?

FUBAR858 posted 1/14/2014 17:35 PM

Hahaha yeah I'm from MA. Love when I talk to ppl from different places and they look at me weird because of the different phrases.

FUBAR858 posted 1/14/2014 17:57 PM

I guess I'm looking to see if I'm over analyzing things or if I should be worried. Looking for some guidance, help, and support.

steadfast1973 posted 1/14/2014 18:19 PM

My female cat has been shitting in the dining room since dday... And the male cat is compulsively bathing, until he licks himself to bleed... They know.

You know what's getting me? The "escort's" "stage name" is everywhere...

JerseyCowgirl posted 1/14/2014 18:43 PM

Funny how animals sense something. I had 2 cats when married. One of them deathly afraid of strangers. She hid in towels in bathroom for days. So I knew when I came home and she was in hiding that he had someone at the house. I must have looked real stupid talking to that cat hoping she would talk back & tell me who it was. But animals are so smart we just have to figure out what they are trying to tell us sometimes.

FUBAR858 posted 1/14/2014 18:51 PM

That's what is freaking me out a bit. In a sick way I'm kinda hoping she's just sick or something.

Steadfast, not to sound like an idiot but what do you mean "escorts" and "stage name"?

Clarrissa posted 1/14/2014 20:51 PM

FUBAR, I believe Steadfast meant that the OW in her sitch was an "exotic dancer" i.e. stripper. Most dancers of that stripe don't use their real names, they use names like "Amber Waves", "Tiffany Jewel" or single names like "Deseree" or "Elvira".

(Steadfast, correct me if I'm wrong.)

Brandon808 posted 1/14/2014 21:17 PM

I got to be honest spidey-sense is going off on that. It's like everyone else has said, animals sense things. They know when their environment, their "family" is off. Your cat is repeating a behavior it started the last time.

I would go into stealth mode if I were you. It may seem like an innocuous thing but how many of us BS could have uncovered the truth sooner if we had not disregarded that tiny detail that nagged at us?

What say you this making you wonder?

h0peless posted 1/14/2014 21:20 PM

One of my dogs decided right after my ex left that compulsively licking his ass was going to be his favorite thing to do. On my side of the bed.

Animals are weird.

Lowlow posted 1/15/2014 03:04 AM

I wish we could get IC for my dog. She has been withdrawn since DD. she's starting to lick her paws to the point of bleeding.

She knows. She reacts very strongly when WH and I are having an A related discussion. She gets upset when we don't sleep together.

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