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Why are you ignoring me?

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RealityStinks posted 1/15/2014 08:40 AM

So, my WW moves out (I told her to leave) almost two months ago. I've 180ed pretty well, and I do not contact her. Yesterday, I left my phone at home. She tried to call yesterday evening, then texted, and then Facebook messaged me. I did ignore them when I got home because she was just asking "are you OK". To me, she just wants some "ego kibbles".

Anyway, in another Facebook message this morning, she says "Assuming you're ok because messenger shows when people see messages. I hope you are doing well. Why are you ignoring me?"

Are you freaking kidding me? Maybe because you had an A, are completely unremorseful, blame shift all of it, have lied endlessly, gaslighted me to no end, refuse to admit you did anything wrong, and you still talk (and God knows what else) to the SOB!

Thanks for reading, I just needed to vent.

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Nest2007 posted 1/15/2014 08:48 AM

Vent away my friend, vent away. Time after time, these deluded WSs and APs blow my mind with their insensitivity/stupidity.

StillLivin posted 1/15/2014 08:52 AM

Wow, after all she has done to you and you aren't rushing to respond? Seriously, they just don't get it....or rather they don't want to get it.
Continue ignoring away.
She will eventually leave you alone, and you don't need the drama of her contact!

Kitty70 posted 1/15/2014 08:53 AM

Stay strong my friend. But, remember she probably feels guilty. I know that's know solace though.

4everfaithful83 posted 1/15/2014 08:58 AM

I commend you for staying strong! What a dumb questions! "why are you ignoring me?" your answer made me laugh a little because it should be so obvious to her! Sometimes it seems like they really just don't get it. It's like they have talked themselves into believing that what they did wasn't that bad.

Vulcanized posted 1/15/2014 09:15 AM

"Why are you ignoring me?" Translation: I need attention. I need attention. You're still my back-up plan, right?!?

Arrgh. Sorry you are going thru this. Ignore her & carry on.

justjim posted 1/15/2014 09:20 AM

Wow. My WW has another twin.

Either that, or there is a handbook that they follow

Stay strong!

RealityStinks posted 1/15/2014 11:55 AM

I really want to reply to her and say that I'm not ignoring her, but that I'm not going to have anything to do with her until she kicks the OM out of her life 10000000000%.

But, she knows this. I think she just wants to make sure that I'm still waiting around.

I made my R conditions perfectly clear the last time we spoke face-to-face. I don't know what's hard to understand about "I am not interested in talking, much less R, until you 1. Cut OM out of your life, 2. I get access to everything, 3. You account for ALL of your time, 4. You agree to go to IC for you and MC for us."

Honestly, I'm to the point that I don't even know if I want to R at all. Trust is huge, and it's just not there anymore.

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