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not sure what to title this

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16forever posted 1/15/2014 13:12 PM

So I just found out that op is dating a friend of ours he is not a close friend but anyway I don't know but this has kinda upset me not Because she is dating but because more because now I feel like I will run into her more the guy is a friend of our best friend couple that we hang with and he is at there house sometimes wich is directly across the culdasac and the guy has a daughter my sons age and they go to the same school so I could have to see her there uf she attends school things with this guy bad enough she lives 4 blocks away in this small town and works at the only dollar store in my town now this its put me in a funk angry at my H funk only in the inside I am not being angrey with him I am hiding it well I guess and he doesn't know about her dating him I am scared to tell him I don't want to see his reaction to it he will undoubtedly say he doesnt care but of course I will read anything in to what ever reaction there would be

its also making me feel like he should be proving his love lately that has not been the case with the no birthday party and just feeling like we are in this daily kinda she knows I love her end of story thing I wanted Him to stop by my work Sunday after the girl's soccer game he said my oldest was being a premenstrual teen but no yes or no if he would stop by not another text after to say sorry I didnt come my job keeps us apart a bit I work evenings him days so I thought he would want visit a min but I guess not and he is not doing too much to help at home the kids say he goes in our room and watches dexter while I am at work and orders them to do all the house work my friend says u should tell him what needs done but u think after 20 yrs together he wouldn't need couching if I do ask he does it for awhile then stops .........guess iam having a not so good time rite now

jo2love posted 1/15/2014 17:03 PM


steadfast1973 posted 1/15/2014 17:23 PM

(((16forever))) i don't envy you... We have a situation in our circle of couple friends. And actually, we ditched the OM because the BH is more fun. but really we see the fOM occasionally, he actually moved four hours away... But when we have to choose, (because the BH's cousin is also a very good friend, and won't come if the OM is there, either) we choose the fBH and his fWW. It's hard, because we met the whole group through the OM... But as a BW myself, I'd rather show loyalty to the people trying to save their marriage... Oh, and the fOM's new wife is obnoxious... And completely opposite of the rest of our political views.

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