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My New Beginning Just Crashed & Burnt

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JerseyCowgirl posted 1/15/2014 19:27 PM

Left my home state, sold my house to get money to pay for my next round of healthcare I need. All with disastrous results.

Is there any SI's in Canada that can PM me with info on how I can move up there to establish residency to get some healthcare, place to live, job, something , anything. At the end of my tolerance level for the healthcare here when just told by a dentist that cost for simple filing in my tooth would be $3,000 because I have no insurance. I am so out of options. Women's shelter full, soon to be living in my car. All because my ass of a husband would not wait to divorce until I got through my radiation treatments. Another promise broken.

Eranda posted 1/15/2014 19:31 PM

If you have no income or assets, you are eligible for Medicaid. There is assistance available here in the US, have you considered applying for it?

JerseyCowgirl posted 1/15/2014 19:37 PM

Tried..can't prove no income...they pull up your last tax filing 2012 when I showed an income. No unemployment. All shelters full here. NJ shelter won't take me back because not a resident now. All options exhausted in US.

roughroadahead posted 1/15/2014 19:48 PM

Moving to Canada is expensive and non-trivial in terms of paperwork and finding a sponsoring employer. In addition, there is a 90 day waiting period for healthcare coverage once you establish reisdency. Also, dental coverage is not provided by the government. Canadians get dental through their jobs. You are about to hit the 2013 tax season. Would you be eligible for medicaid once you file your 2013 return?

Sad in AZ posted 1/15/2014 23:06 PM

I'm guessing it's a root canal, as a filling would not cost that much--even if it was solid gold. Is it a back tooth? If so, consider having it pulled. We do what we have to do to survive. I've had teeth pulled because even with dental insurance, I can't afford cosmetic dentistry.

Don't panic; do your research. Don't count on a move to Canada. I'm not Canadian, but I worked for the gov't of Canada for several years. It's not all wine and roses. I hope you can find the resources you need; I've found that the universe provides if you ask for it.

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JerseyCowgirl posted 1/16/2014 07:22 AM

Thank you for updateon Canada. No not root canal yet. Just filing. Radiation done to me 2 years ago is
causing the loss of all enamol on teeth. Crowing all of them. When dentists see this & ask for explanation and I tell them I have a brain tumor they want to put me to sleep for each procedure even though not necessary. They charged me $248 just to look at the tooth. Closest dental school has 2 year wait list. I have 3 lumps in both breasts that need follow up ultrasounds. No programs for that and no Dr will see you here without insurance. Today hoping for pain killers for tooth. Met dead end every where in our great health care system.

little turtle posted 1/16/2014 07:49 AM

Have you applied for the new healthcare? You don't have to show proof of income. You give the amount of money you expect to make in 2014. If you make more than that, you may have to pay money back on your 2014 taxes.

I had a filling about a year ago with no dental insurance. It was $200 or less. What kind of dentist office are you going to? You should get a second opinion. Most places offer a free exam for new patients.

ETA: typo/wrong year!

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Eranda posted 1/16/2014 19:15 PM

I believe you can show bank statements or get a letter from a former employer saying that you are no longer working there. The government should be able to check your SSN and see if anyone is reporting income for it. There are ways to show no income.

File a tax return for 2013 and it will show any income, then you will have proof.

Were you previously working?

MakingLemonade posted 1/16/2014 21:34 PM

Unfortunately no advice. Just (((JerseyCowgirl)))! Wishing you strength and doable answers to your problems with a bit of hope!

InnerLight posted 1/18/2014 15:42 PM

I'm not sure how PA handles the ACA act, but here in CA it was easy to sign up. I had to estimate the money I would earn in 2014. If I am wrong and make more I would pay up when I pay my 2014 taxes. If your income will be less than $23000 then you can get the basic catastrophic plan for $1/month. 6500$ deductable and $70 co-pay. They have better plan for about $150/month if you are this low income.

Move to a state favorable to the ACA rather than move to Canada. (mostly the democratic leaning states)

Your situation sounds really challenging. I am so sorry! I hope you can stay in the states. It's really nice to be in your own country. As a child of immigrants and having lived abroad, I really like being in my own country in the end.


mixedemotions posted 1/20/2014 13:19 PM

Adding to the other advice about new health care. When you go on and either apply online or talk to someone (I needed to talk to someone) you just estimate what your income will be and you'll pay or receive the difference at tax time if you guess wrong. No proof needed and I believe they should be able to sign you up for Medicaid or direct you otherwise.

Also, have you looked into local support for survivors of domestic violence? Any type of abuse - including emotional, financial or sexual counts as DV, and you certainly won't have to prove that either. Many DV support agencies offer free services to women, including resource referrals and case management. Someone might be able to hook you up with the right resources to bring you some stability.

Last, I'm sorry if you've already tried this, no insulting your intelligence intended...but all the communities I've lived in have a 3 digit number to call for community resources. You call and explain the situation to the operator and they direct you to the right place. It can sometimes be more complicated than others if you don't luck out with a good operator, but you could always try a couple of times and see what they come up with. In one city I lived in it was 2-1-1 and in another it was 3-1-1 (different from 4-1-1 which gives you phone numbers but you need to know the name of what you're looking for...I don't even know if that's still in existence anymore...)

(((JCG))) I'm so sorry for all your stress. It's not fair!

JerseyCowgirl posted 1/21/2014 21:09 PM

Thanks for all the great suggestions but no luck. Number for new healthcare uses SS# and I had a job until last Oct so not eligible for anything. *511 tells you to leave message...after no call back to several msgs I gave up. Drove back to jersey to a dentist who is doing the crown on my tooth. Guess I will have to just go to emergency room every time I need some medical care. Still can't find job...but please as usual let me see more blessings bestowed on the POS who walked one week before my scheduled surgery so a coworker had to be my POA in case I ended in a coma. Sorry...just so tired of all the injustices in my life on this planet.

mefirst posted 1/21/2014 21:41 PM

Forgive me for the way this might sound but......where the heck is your family? You sound like your running without purpose. I'm concerned for your health and support system, time to relay on family, not run away. I lost my son to brain cancer a few years ago and know the trama that treatment and post care creates. Please seek family and friends. I'm not sure how the nirvana of Canada is the answer. Many, many Canadians come to the US for medical care. Seriously, please stop running from, and run to family or friends.

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