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positive story

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ShatteredPagan posted 1/16/2014 17:37 PM

We are in the middle of A season with our antiversary fast approaching. Its been alomst 2 years since DDay and we have come a long way.

So my FWS responds to a story I was sharing about training someone today with "well, he might have a past like me." I was floored. We dont talk about his A anymore. I know it all, or as much as I want to know. He is extremely remorseful and I dont have the desire to rub his face in it anymore. So I was speechless when he made referrence to it. He then held me and apoligized again for hurting me.

Now this in itself made my heart sing. But wait... theres more!

He then told me about a girl who does checkout at the retail job he does. He said that he had gone thru her line several times when he started to feel that there was a little too friendly conversation happening. The next time he went thru he made a point to talk about me and the girls to her. He then said that after that she was still friendly but not the same.

I Am proud of him for 1) telling me about it and 2) having good solid boundries. He respected my wishes in all of it!

I had to pass on a good story. :)

trying1 posted 1/16/2014 17:50 PM

So glad to hear it. Its nice to hear that he came through for you!!! Thanks for sharing.

SisterMilkshake posted 1/16/2014 17:56 PM

AML04 posted 1/16/2014 19:59 PM

Love it!!

meplusfour posted 1/16/2014 20:20 PM


ziganska posted 1/16/2014 20:22 PM

That's a great story and one I needed today! Thanks!

ok2014 posted 1/16/2014 21:53 PM

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Not too many happy stories here. I so needed to hear happy ending after talking to a divorce lawyer (very depressing meeting) I like to read betraydwivesclub blog but right now I feel like I belong here since WH is not ready to reconcilate.

HardenMyHeart posted 1/17/2014 02:24 AM

greengiant posted 1/17/2014 11:44 AM

Thank you!

lostcovenants posted 1/17/2014 13:57 PM

Thank you for sharing this - I was looking for positive stories today and this was a great help to me!

Skan posted 1/17/2014 15:46 PM

How lovely! Yeah!

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