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Plan B?

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LostnHurt posted 1/19/2014 18:39 PM

I am considering Plan B (no contact) with my SO. He refuses to end his 6-week relationship with the OP. I think it may even be getting stronger. I just can't live in this kind of environment.

Has anyone had any experience with Plan B? I worry that he will forget about me and there will be no chance for R. "Out of sight, out of mind."

It's so hard to give up a 10 year relationship. So much invested!

lostandhopless posted 1/19/2014 18:56 PM

This is what I did from 2 or 3 days after Dday. It was very hard at first but gets easier everyday. There were and are many times I get a overwhelming urge to pickup the phone and call, but I haven't broke. I have a small but great support system. when the urge hits I reach out to them and they catch me, or I read SI some more.. It is difficult but I know you can do it. You will be surprised at how at much power over you regain. For me it was pretty quick, I still have bad moments, and night time is the hardest for me but everyday is better.. It's noticeable to the people around you also. Today my 12 year old niece said she thought I have been getting better and I almost laugh again.

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k94ever posted 1/19/2014 18:58 PM

Lost....if your WS isn't ending the affair and it's getting stronger then it's probably time to end your relationship.

Sorry. But he's disrespecting you so much and you deserve more than a cheating spouse.



neverwillhapn2me posted 1/19/2014 19:00 PM

Im doing the 180 and we live in the same house together, its hard when normally things happen that you want to share with them.

Some good things have happen to me at work and normally I would tell my WW but now she is the ONLY person who has no clue.

Mind you im planning on filing for D

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