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I made it without crying! Warning-language

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AgainandAgain posted 1/20/2014 15:10 PM

Well, it's finished. I did it without crying, yelling, emotions, and drama.

My babies are safely set up with their new doctors. I called and since the children are already set up in the system it took less than 3 minutes to get everything set up.

I called to the old doctor and told them we are finished and to have OW keep her whore hands off my children's records. Well, I put it way more nicely than that but you get the picture

I didn't make a big deal out of it as I'm going to be taking care of the doctor knowing exactly why I left. I was trying to figure out how I could bypass the office manager and get directly to the doctor. My fwh reminded me that the doctor goes to a certain place every Saturday morning in our local area. We've bumped into him many times and is always so nice to speak up and wave us down. I won't name the place but it's somewhere busy enough that I can hold a private conversation and not be unusual for me to sit and talk. I had forgotten about seeing him there because it's been about 5 months since I've gone there. So, keep your fingers crossed that he'll be there this weekend.

I'm relieved things moved so good today but I'm also sad. This bitch better stay put and not come to the new office. I can assure you that the whole office WILL know. I'll also make sure to go in at the busiest time so other patients know too. Hell, I might even drive around with a megaphone and flyers advertising it. And no. I'm not kidding on that one

creativecat posted 1/20/2014 16:39 PM

Well done, AgainandAgain! One less stress on your plate. I don't think I could have handled that with as much grace and restraint as you, but I would always wish I had!

Good luck with tracking down the doctor and saying your piece then!

purplejacket4 posted 1/20/2014 22:39 PM

Please be cautious how you do that. You don't want to come across as the crazy one especially if OW is gonna flap her gums.

refuz2bavictim posted 1/21/2014 02:47 AM

Glad you were able to maintain a sense of self control. It's hard because the A affects so many areas of our lives and it's extremely frustrating. It was probably for the best that you moved the kids, though it's sad. It's not like these women are going to respect HIPAA laws, when they can't even comprehend the basics of respect.

I'm glad the process of setting up with a new Dr. went smoothly.

million tears posted 1/21/2014 09:37 AM

I'm so glad everything worked out. :)

What did the doctor say when you told him?

AgainandAgain posted 1/21/2014 11:36 AM

Thank you everyone!!! I had to do it via phone as I couldn't go in there. I just couldn't control my level of emotions to conduct myself with what I know is graceful. I owe that to myself and my children.

To clarify something, I called the office and spoke with the office manager, not the doctor. He doesn't speak with patients as he tends to the one he is with at the time. For example, he would be 20-40 minutes late for appointments because he would take time to answer questions. He wouldn't take calls throughout the day and you have to go through his office staff for them to screen calls. No way to physically reach him even if I went to the office.

It's amazing how things affect everyday life. It's like when you spill a drink on your table. You think you cleaned it off the table and you are good. Then you notice it ran off the table onto the chair, then the floor, then you stepped in it with a sock on, You get the point.

purplejacket-thank you for looking out for me. Luckily I have some nice screenshots of things that she can not deny.

Maybe it's wrong of me to do so. I believe in reaping what you sow. I don't wan to be an ugly person but then I think that she was ugly to me and enjoyed the fact she hurt me. She actually laughed about it. I don't know. I hate wasting energy on her when she took enough of my time up. I'll never get that back.

The positive is that the new office is really nice. It's a large office that caters to many children and they are really good there. In fact, the reviews are much better than the last office. Maybe that's my silver lining in all this.

Lovedyoumore posted 1/21/2014 11:47 AM

Good for you. Doctors should always know why their patients go elsewhere. From your post I understand the good Doc is a male. Is he married? Maybe his wife should know a little about his new nurse.

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