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broken toe advice?

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cinnamongurl posted 1/23/2014 23:00 PM

While visiting family out of town yesterday morning, I tripped over a small trampoline and smashed my right baby toe.

While we were gone, the snowstorm hit, so after a 2 hr ride home, we returned to a driveway and porch filled with snow. In order to park the car and get into the house, the snow needed to be shoveled, and super smart me went to work, clearing our way back into the house.

By now my poor toe has started to really swell and turn purple. I took Aleve, iced it and propped it up on a pillow, and took an ativan to help me sleep. Today I kept it iced and elevated and took more aleve, but it continued to swell and when I moved it, I could feel some movement inside the toe.

I couldn't get in to be seen until after 6pm. When I put on a socks and shoes, the pain is searing, and the whole foot and lower leg (mid calf down) starts to get tingly. My PCP sent me home with a referral for xray, an RX for percocet, and orders to continue ice and rest and get the xray 1st thing in the am.

I know there's not much else that can be done for a baby toe, but I was wondering if anyone knows how long recovery takes, and if any one has any advice for proper care and pain management? I can already feel myself starting to get a little restless, and I hate not being able to walk around. Ugh!

Sad in AZ posted 1/24/2014 00:02 AM

It won't be too long, but it sucks that it's wintertime--it would heal faster if you could wear slippers or flip flops.

I can't tell you how many broken toes I've had (very clumsy ) You might try taping it to your fourth toe when the swelling goes down--not too tight!

cinnamongurl posted 1/24/2014 00:51 AM

Thanks for the input Sad. It's reassuring to know it won't be too long. I'm pretty clumsy myself, and have broken my tailbone, twice, and my elbow, all of which took at least 2 months to heal, but surprisingly (considering I've smashed it more times then I can count) this my first experience with atoe.

it sucks that it's wintertime--it would heal faster if you could wear slippers or flip flops.
my PCP said the same thing. Maybe this just means its time for a vacation somewhere warm.

sadtoo posted 1/24/2014 01:31 AM

I had one of my horses smash my foot last summer. Right on the outside of my right foot (while wearing a heavy boot) and smashed my baby toe. OUCH! Mine was the same. Black, blue, purple, swollen, pain, pain, pain.

It started to feel better after a few weeks. But it wasn't until around Christmas that I didn't notice it any longer. I can still give it a little twist and feel where she snapped it.

Violated posted 1/24/2014 04:11 AM

When I hurt my toe, they gave me a firm sole shoe that you Velcro on.

It makes all the difference, you don't have to use your toes to walk or hold the shoe. Ask for it!!!


ascian posted 1/24/2014 09:36 AM

I broke my toe doing judo in college, the smallest toe on my left foot. Like you said, there's really not a lot that can be done for that short of taking things easy for a few days to let the bone set some.

What helped me the most was that I had a pair of broad-toed hiking boots to wear. I could get my foot in with a minimum of toe-moving, and there was lots of space for my swollen toe to just sit there during classes.

welcome14 posted 1/24/2014 10:42 AM

So sorry. I know it hurts, I broke my L small one last year. Actually, our docs here say to wear a firm shoe, not a soft one. The boot is the best if you can get one, and buddy taping is your friend! You can probably learn how on youtube, or have your doc's support staff show you how. Good luck!

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tushnurse posted 1/24/2014 10:54 AM

Tape it to the one next to it. Make sure your shoes are loose enough to accommodate the swelling, if not that causes more pain, and numbness. Keep taking the aleve, keep putting Ice on it.

Take Calcium with Vitamin D to help the bones knit back together more quickly, stay off it as much as possible, and try to be patient.

I have broken more toes than I have (which means I broken all of them and most more than once). It's painful but usually by day 10 the pain is much better, and its just sore for a few more weeks.

cinnamongurl posted 1/24/2014 16:26 PM

Thanks everyone. It's good to know recovery is fairly quick, I hate to take too much time off of work. I have a small cleaning business and if I can't work, I can't pay the bills.

My mom's friend has a 'boot' for me, so I won't have to purchase one. In the mean time. I'll keep off of it for a few days, continue to ice and take aleve.

Tushnurse, thanks for the calcium suggestion. I've got some in the medicine cabinet I can take.

Sorry to hear of so many toe injuries, but glad to hear everyone bounced back so quickly!

SoVerySadNow posted 1/24/2014 17:45 PM

The firm Velcro boot worked for me. Elevated as much as possible, and I took Adviil on a regular schedule.
Ouch. Just remembering. ((((hugs))))

knightsbff posted 1/24/2014 21:33 PM

In ER we usually put patients in a boot or a Velcro shoe that doesn't flex.

Buddy taping is a good idea too. And keep up the ice, rest, and elevation.

cinnamongurl posted 1/25/2014 13:30 PM

Thanks SVSN and KBFF. I get my boot tomorrow, and am continuing rest, ice, elevation, and meds. Its tough to have to be sitting all of the time, and the pain meds are making it impossible to read, so I'm just watching TV and napping. Thank you all for your input! Its been very helpful!

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