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I have a day off!!!!

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Sad in AZ posted 1/24/2014 00:07 AM

(Night? Day? Whatever... )

Yes! Tomorrow! (today? ) I don't even know what to do with myself

I'm definitely going to the bar tomorrow night to stalk--I mean hear--my favorite local band.

Life is good

painpaingoaway posted 1/24/2014 06:31 AM


Relax, enjoy, you deserve it!

Deeply Scared posted 1/24/2014 06:54 AM

Enjoy your day!!!!

jrc1963 posted 1/24/2014 07:42 AM

Someone somewhere messed up... they didn't get my memo.

What are we gonna do with these people!!!

Clarrissa posted 1/24/2014 07:49 AM

I have the day off today too, Sad. Work's kinda slow right now so about a dozen got the day off. Felt kinda good to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep for an hour or three.

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