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triple trouble 2 month old today, whats sleep?

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2yrsblind posted 1/24/2014 02:43 AM

Wife and I tried 5 years to get pregnant, no go. As we reached mid 30's she started to freak out. So she wanted to start going to the baby maker 12k a pop, I wasn't so excited. Three years and 72k later I went from a male female ratio of 1:1 to 1:4 loving every second.

Its the greatest thing in life. Although I not looking foward to 3 teen girls.

So here I am fresh off diaper duty (which is all the time) 2:30 am and wide awake.

I'm seriously thinking about SAHD, or more of work from home dad. Wife is a D.D.S. who only works three days a week, she took off just three weeks. I've been of for 8 weeks and only have four more. Just don't know about going back.

broken <3 posted 1/24/2014 03:55 AM

Twin mom here :) just wanted to let you know you're not alone. My girls will be 10 months in a few days :)
I literally wrote off the first 5 months due to no sleep! Now they've been teething! Once you come to acceptance of it all it tends to not feel like an uphill battle.
Take care :)

2yrsblind posted 1/24/2014 04:21 AM

Wife sleeps like a log, I'm sure she fall asleep standing up the other day. I'm sleeping one hour at a time. I don't really mind, I'm not complaining. I'm overjoyed.

At one point I started to think I wouldn't be a father.

tushnurse posted 1/24/2014 11:42 AM

WOW!!! First off Congratulations. That is fantastic. Wham Instant Family.

Secondly you are a great guy, and a lucky man to be able to and be willing to take that much time off of work.
You are making a great bond with those girls, and it will make a difference later in life.

Sleep? Eh you can sleep when your dead. LOL


Sparkles posted 1/24/2014 11:50 AM


Those first few years will be a blur. Take the time to take lots of little videos. Mine are 6 now and its nice to look back at them when they were so little.

2yrsblind posted 1/24/2014 12:27 PM

Thank you, thank you.

Abc are great, wife had this corky idea Ashlynn, Brylie, and Catelyn(not real names but similar) she thinks will work to E!? Omm doubtful.

On a side note being the site we're on, I never thought I could get to this state of happy. New woman, new level of happy. Just know, life will only kick you if you allow it.

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Kajem posted 1/24/2014 12:41 PM

Enjoy the hell out of them!!

Twin mom here, and a couple of singles, all girls, all within 4 years. All adults now - I miss the teenage years it was fun, drama filled, crazy roller coaster of a time. But we built connections that are the foundation of our adult relationship.

Sleep when you can. Get leashes for when their walking- my 20 month old granddaughter is quick. When I had to chase her mom and moms twin, it's hard to run in 2dire toons at the same time!

Seriously enjoy them-nothing better than little ones except more little ones!

Jrazz posted 1/24/2014 12:49 PM

Considering the cost of daycare, SAHD might not be a bad option!

Sure, there are a lot of sleepless nights... but these first few years are SO amazing. Being able to have front row seats while watching your girls grow is the gift of a lifetime.

2yrsblind posted 1/24/2014 13:11 PM

Kajem, the whole teen thing doesn't excite me. Funny how different they are while having a hard time telling them apart. Once they wake up its no doubt who is who. They are indentical twins with Ashlynn being the non identical, but they look like identical triplets. We often joke about who will end up with what name.

My sister runs a daycare, so that would be ideal. She says brother or not I can't bring them until 18 months. I'm leaning towards SAHD, at least for the first year.

cl131716 posted 1/24/2014 16:54 PM

Oh wow! Congrats!

I don't have triplets but I do have a 19 month and 5 month old. I know a little about lack of sleep. My 19 month has yet to start sleeping through the night. He gets up more often than his 5 month old brother. They both got on this silly routine recently where one will wake up at 5 am then fall asleep as the other wakes up. They take turns napping throughout the day until they both crash around 11pm. It is exhausting!

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