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current/former smokers who have had children

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Darkness Falls posted 1/24/2014 22:31 PM

How long before you started trying to conceive did you quit?

Thanks in advance.

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Clarrissa posted 1/25/2014 07:22 AM

Current, long time smoker here. I have four kids and didn't quit before getting pregnant with any of them. At best (worst?) I reduced my smoking after conception, mostly because of the nausea of the first trimester. I know I should quit but it's extremely difficult to break a 37 year habit plus (quite honestly) I really don't want to quit.

LovesLaboursLost posted 1/25/2014 08:31 AM

I quit right before conceiving both times, for reasons unrelated to pregnancy. First trimester nausea and then subsequent months of not smoking helped me break the habit. Fell off the wagon for a time when DS was about 18 months old, then got pregnant with DD. Haven't had one in almost three years. GL!

musiclovingmom posted 1/25/2014 08:36 AM

I smoked for years, but always off and on. Never more than 2 packs a week. Before my first child, I had quit for several years. I was smoking when I found out about my second pregnancy and quit immediately. My third pregnancy came when my second child was only 9 months old and I hadn't started smoking again.

prowoman posted 1/25/2014 09:47 AM

I smoke very occasionally, but have smoked since my teens. I didn't quit and try to conceive (first pregnancy was a little surprising, second was a total shock) but just really cut back. My doc told me not to go cold turkey with my 2nd as he thought it would be better to wean down and not shock my body. I'm usually about a pack a week (this very little in my mind) but have fluctuated to more when stressed or whatever.

Gottagetthrough posted 1/25/2014 12:14 PM

I became pregnant with #1 unexpectedly... Gave up smoking that day.

Had smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day before I knew.

Want2help posted 1/26/2014 14:21 PM

I quit a couple of months before TTC. I had quit before, for years, then resumed due to circumstances better suited for discussion in the General forum.

I've never started again. Your children are worth it.

Darkness Falls posted 1/27/2014 19:42 PM

Thank you for all the replies.

So for those who conceived while smoking, no ill effects on the kiddos?

I'm not pregnant, btw, but I do smoke and we're thinking of trying to conceive late this year.

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