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who loves us and why

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morethantrying posted 1/26/2014 01:02 AM

This always helps if it helps you too. I realize that I am loved by so many people, not just WS. It helps to think of their sincere love and concern for me...their unconditional love...

My mother has always been there for me. I was lucky to have one of those relationship that I could talk to her about anything. Her unconditional love, her wisdom has always helped me. I am so fortunate she is still around and in my life.

My father has been a great wisdom and support for everything. We may not always agree, but I know he sincerely, honestly loves me unconditionally.
My older sister...sibling trouble early in life, but now source of great support and love. we can really great is that...and her husband, my brother in law is so good to her...I love seeing that couple

I have move but will stop here! Anyone else?

Morhurt posted 1/26/2014 01:38 AM

My kids. Even my teens still want to talk to me. My mom... I don't know. She loves me, yes, but she needs me.

morethantrying posted 1/26/2014 01:51 AM

you must be a really great mom! teens want to talk to is so great!

RidingHealingRd posted 1/26/2014 02:36 AM

My kids. They are my world, they always will be my world.

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