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Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

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Afraid2LoveAgain posted 1/27/2014 21:57 PM

This is a fictionalized account of the affair of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Cheney. I know in real life she was murdered at Taliesin as well as her two children by a man working at the house. It is a heartbreaking real life story.

Wright and Cheney ran off together, to Germany, leaving their spouses and nine children behind. The hometown newspaper runs articles outing their affair--with interviews from the betrayed spouses. Neither Catherine Wright nor Edwin Cheney place any blame on their respective wayward spouses laying all of the blame on the other person. Mamah Cheney goes into a tailspin--not because of her destruction of both families but because she will now be forever known as an adulterer.

She goes to hear Ellen Key speak--a widely respected Swedish feminist. Key was also an other woman earlier in her life and blathers on about true love being more important than anything else and how marriages where love has died, blah, blah, blah. Really sickening, self justifying bull shit.

I'm about half way through and probably that's all I'm going to read.

Williesmom posted 1/28/2014 11:21 AM

I ready the entire book, and it made me sick also.

Afraid2LoveAgain posted 1/28/2014 13:04 PM

Well, I finished the entire book. I felt like crying for those poor children. What a horrible tragedy.

bionicgal posted 4/30/2014 16:36 PM

I really hated this book as well -- long before the A. I was offended by the rationalizations for adultery.

LearningToRun posted 4/30/2014 22:54 PM

What is with this book and book clubs? I read it for one too! All that nonsense she used about living an authentic life to justify leaving her marriage was like reading the clever cheaters handbook, deluxe edition.

I liked how they tried to redeem her right before the end. That didn't ring true. Probably fabricated to make you care for her. Didn't really work in my case. I felt bad for her ex and her kids. Oh, and flw was cheating on her the whole time. I don't care for his buildings anymore.

Perhaps creativity and narcissism go hand in hand.

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