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I got a new internet!

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unfound posted 1/30/2014 18:07 PM

AND, I, all by myself, figured out how to export (look at me using fancy computer words) my email from one place, and import (see, I did it again!) to another.

oh yeah, I rock


[This message edited by unfound at 6:07 PM, January 30th (Thursday)]

authenticnow posted 1/30/2014 18:11 PM

We were moving and I kept saying, 'We have to get the monitor, don't forget the computer monitor'. DD said to me, 'Mom, that's not the monitor, it's the tower, the hard drive is in there'. I said, 'Uh yeah, I knew that, that's what I meant' .

I am impressed by your technical prowess!

HUFI-PUFI posted 1/30/2014 18:12 PM

Gawd ... a pic of unfound in his new work clothes as the internet master!

unfound posted 1/30/2014 18:15 PM

wait, does a faster connection make me a boy now???

oh well, I can now search really fast a way to fix that!

simplydevastated posted 1/30/2014 18:37 PM

Good goin'! You Rock!!

sisoon posted 1/30/2014 18:47 PM

wait, does a faster connection make me a boy now???

Depends on how long your hair is.

nowiknow23 posted 1/30/2014 20:16 PM

Go, unfound, go!

lemony.2008 posted 1/30/2014 21:52 PM

Rebreather posted 1/30/2014 22:25 PM

Ooohhhhh. Fancy!! We need to increase our uh, invisible waves and stuff. Need more power!

jo2love posted 1/30/2014 22:31 PM

Yay!!! Go, unfound!

Amazonia posted 1/31/2014 04:14 AM

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