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Broke N/C

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Thelastknight posted 1/30/2014 19:40 PM

Well I broke NC today with xGF. Fuck I wish I would have kept my shit together. I guess im feeling a little needy today as I was on my way home from seeing my Attorney for my modification of visitation. I wish I would have stayed strong and just ignored it... This is the xGF who sent me the NYE txt...


Jrazz posted 1/30/2014 19:45 PM

We all have weak days.

Can you go back to NC now? If you're here it means you want support to shut it down.

Sending hugs.


Harriet posted 1/30/2014 20:12 PM

I broke mine today, too. Only sort of, but I still wish I hadn't done it.
I'm right here with you. Back on the saddle for the both of us!

heartbroken_kk posted 1/30/2014 20:39 PM

Been there done that. It's like dieting. Sometimes you binge. Can't undo it. Just restart. NC NC NC


NaiveAgain posted 1/30/2014 20:48 PM

It's okay. We've all done it.

You were feeling bad and you needed the support today and we all have our vulnerable moments. Don't sweat it.

I wish I would have stayed strong and just ignored it.
You're allowed to feel sad and needy sometimes. I suspect you're human like the rest of us. Hang in there and just keep moving forward....((((hugs))))

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hangingonin posted 1/31/2014 13:28 PM

((Last knight))
Just restart NC. As everyone has said we all do it.

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