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Sometimes you just gotta know when to shut the hell up!!!

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She11ybeanz posted 1/31/2014 15:11 PM my boss has been riding my ass all week! I mean rodeo style and I have no idea why! leeway on my time missed last week for my sick child....DESPITE my concerted effort of taking work home over the weekend and working 6 hours on my own time.....I was still about 4 hours short....which wasn't a lot...but enough to sting...

Then just nit pick nit pick nit pick pickpickpickpick!!!!!!

During my review a couple of weeks ago...I told her I was going to work on being better at follow-ups (one of my downfalls...because I forget when other people to forget to get back with me!!! so I'm utilizing my calendar reminders more on my email!) Easy!

So....last of my coworkers brings to my attention that "Tenant A" must have paid some of our real estate taxes for us because we didn't pay them and it looks like the bill went to I told my boss and she said to give them a call. I did and they said they would get back with me. They hadn't as of I sent a "follow-up" email...tagging my boss...thinking "look at me...I'm showing you that I'm doing what I was going to work on and being proactive and efficient and following up" only to get the following email back from my boss.....

You should not be discussing with Tenant A about property X's real estate taxes because they do not own property X.

Um....but we talked about this. And, I was told to by my coworker....

SO, I had to send a "disregard" email explaining that I had been mistaken.

I left yesterday feeling very upset and frustrated. I came back into work this morning only to see that my coworker had RE-EMAILED Tenant A the same request saying she had talked to my boss and told her the situation.

Never got an "I'm sorry" or "you were right to do that, I forgot" NOTHING. And, as much as I wanted to march into her office and be smug and ask her about the email..... I digressed....sat in my cubicle... and just sent a very passive aggressive email responding to my coworkers email to me to have the mailing address changed to ours from Tenant A's and tagged my boss in it.

I'm not good at shutting up. But, I don't want to get fired either.

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Pass posted 1/31/2014 21:06 PM

You probably already know this, Shelly, but I'll tell you just in case.

Your boss is an arsehole!

movingforward13 posted 2/2/2014 07:19 AM


When a supervisor is nit picky, it seems they are trying to make the work environment uncomfortable for you so that you leave OR they could be prepping their reasons to let you go.

Are you able to fish your resume and see what is out there? You may find that a fresh start at another company is what you need and it may come with a bigger salary. Don't let being comfortable be the reason you don't look outside. Unlike marriage- you didn't vow to stay at this job for better or worse. It is OK to look.

She11ybeanz posted 2/2/2014 21:20 PM

I actually DID apply for a job that day.... it wasn't much more money.... but it made me feel better that I was "at least" putting myself out there. There aren't a lot of positions in my I have to keep my eyes open. And, I can't apply for the company's that put "confidential" where they don't want you to know who they are because that's how my company hires people..... and wouldn't that be some shit if I applied for my own company.....WHOOPS!

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