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how do i reconcile?

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whereismylove posted 1/31/2014 18:41 PM

I want to reconcile with my husband, don't know if it will work but I want to try. Here is the problem how do I deal with the issue that he kept on with her after d day. On the bday dday when I found him at her house.. I was insane with anger and grief because he had said it was over a couple mos earlier yet I found out later (via texts he wrote down to save for himself!)that after I kicked him out he spent the next three days with her having a love fest . The other issue is that he only stopped because she moved away. I'm coming to a place where I want to try reconciliation but can that happen with someone who only stopped due to ow leaving him? Help!!

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Keepcalm posted 1/31/2014 20:25 PM

You can want to reconcile, but does he? Is he willing to do the work? Is he TRULY remorseful?
Actions will speak louder than words. I would give it a try, but be alert for obfuscation.

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