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Am I Overreacting?

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Keepcalm posted 1/31/2014 20:07 PM

My husband and I are having a tough reconciliation. I was working my ass off for the first year, but kept getting minimal participation. This year I don't care and he goes through the motions of being a good partner, yet we never have sex. He won't talk about his affair or his money hiding. He says he doesn't know why he hid money or why he had an affair.
Tonight I found a note he wrote last fall (I think for his IC)bitching about me. He said we were not in the same stage of recovery when I was trying really hard. And that it didn't mean he didn't appreciate what I was doing. Of course he never told me he had doubts about staying with me, but my IC kept saying "actions speak louder than words".
Anyways I found his use of the word "recovery" offensive. Like we were both equally at fault.
Am I over reacting?
I also know my marriage is over for all purposes, but can't move on because of financial reasons.

LosferWords posted 1/31/2014 20:18 PM

I don't think you are overreacting at all, Keepcalm. To me, it sounds like he is just not getting it. Your frustration is completely understandable.


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