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RyanCL posted 2/1/2014 00:02 AM

It hasn't been long since dday, not even a month. But I agreed to try MC and R. Is it normal to be this exhausted from it? After MC I always feel emotionally raw, and then I walk around depressed for a day or two. He says he's trying to do everything he can to show me I'm what he wants, I just don't always see or really feel that's true. Since dday I've had a hard time sleeping and eating, to the point I've lost almost ten pounds and he has put them on. As to why he has had a weight gain I'm confused.I know it's a long process and it will take a long long time to get to a good place. I'm just wondering if it's normal to be so darn tired? And if so when will my energy start to come back?

AML04 posted 2/1/2014 06:41 AM

I'm 8 mos out and to be honest, I'm still tired. I think it might be easier as you go on if you're the type of person who can put it down for awhile. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to.

At a month out I could barely function beyond what was necessary to make it through the day. Hang in there though, I may be tired but the utter exhaustion isn't nearly as bad.

RyanCL posted 2/1/2014 15:39 PM

The first two weeks I wasn't functional at all. I did go to work and I barely got out of bed. One day I woke and just decided that was enough of that. Now I get up, get dressed, make sure the house is clean, and go about a normal day. Now it just seems all the stuff I was able to do in a couple hours takes me all day. I've even been taking naps with the baby mid day which I never did before. Yet at the end of the night I'm so darn tired I can't stand it.

hopingforhappy posted 2/1/2014 16:48 PM

Of course you are exhausted! You haven't been eating or sleeping well. You have stress hormones coursing through your body--you are totally in fight-or-flight mode. You can only do the for so long before it takes a toll. A month is a long time to live in that state. It does take time for things to settle down. Do what you can to take care of yourself. Eat what you can, rest when you can, exercise if you can. Meditation can also be very helpful, there are lots of resources on-line for learning how to do basic meditation. Be gentle with yourself. Let your WH take on some tasks to lighten your load.

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